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When Does a Bar Start to Bend?


If I've got a bar that can allegedly hold 1000 lbs. How much weight does it take to start bending that bar?


Need a lot more information, brand, type of bar, type of lifts you are doing. I have a cheap bar that has a permanent bend from the change in direction in squatting with only 315 on the bar.


Damn, I'm looking at a 30mm Xmark Fitness bar. No oly lifts. Mostly just basic, squats, dl, pressing and pulling.


Bars at my gym start to whip with 315. My cheap bar at home, I'm not even comfortable putting 315 on, I feel like it would break before it bends.


Xmark Fitness bar? 382.23 pounds


Every bar starts bending when any amount of weight is put on it.


Though you can use 382.22 all day with no bending. Infact if you keep that bar at 382.22 it's been scientifically shown to improve muscle recruitment.


ohh you've done gone all physical on us now, look out!


Just noting the ambiguity of the question. It was asked like some bar at 299 pounds will be straight, but once you hit 300 it bends. It's a continuous progression of bending from no load on.

It's kind of like asking, "how many pieces of pie would I need to eat before I became fat?"




Yup. And the weight of the bar itself is load.




When the jackasses at my gym sit on the fucking things in between sets of curls


Fine in theory.

It is true the weight of the bar is a load, however I challenge you to add a 2-1/2 pound plate and actually measure the change. I could move it more by simply changing the temperature.


The question was when it starts to bend. Not when it becomes measurable. But yes, there are plenty of 3 point bending machines that could measure the deformation with an even smaller load than that.




Your talking Microns of deformation. Certainly <.0001


I pity your wife & children!
I think we all understood the OPs question.


I'm sure there are specs on bars available, run the numbers if you want. Any bending means that bending has started.

My point was, it's a dumb question.