When Do You Take Your Fish Oils?

i never knew if there was a recomended time throughout the day, or a time corresponding to workouts and meals to take it? i’ve just been taking mine at breakfast, along with my multi-v. If it matters, i lift in the evening.

thanks guys/girls

i take half of mine w/ my first protein+fat meal of the day and the other half with the last one. i don’t think one time versus another will make or break you.

more at night, now. i tend to take Curcumin 500 + Superfood in the morning, then in the afternoon (after lunch) i take a half dose of Flameout and my vit d, then in the evening I take another Superfood + Curcumin 500 and a full Flameout dose.

I don’t have any evidence, only a line of thinking, on this.

My guess is that the worst time would be shortly prior to intensive activity in the absence of other fats. It seems to me this could result in higher likelihood of the EFA’s being burned for energy, which would be wasting them.

It might well be preferable for that reason to consume them with whatever meal has the most or second-most calories of the day, that has reasonable amounts of other fats, that is not prior to such activity.

I have heard but don’t have any evidence either, that you should not take fish oil with the first meal of the day, or around training, for the reasons Bill stated above. Fish oil is just a fat after all, & if burned for energy, well, expensive energy. . .

This is purely anecdotal, as I don’t really know much about the chemistry/biology involved, but I notice that I don’t ache as much if I space my fish oil out throughout the day. I read somewhere (I think on the old straight blast gym site) that fats slow down protein absorption, so I skip it on post-workout meals, but take it with most others.


I work out at 11:30am till 1 pm. I have a protein pulse at 2 pm, followed by a normal (big) meal at 3 pm. I take 4 caps of Flameout with my 3 pm meal and another 4 caps with my dinner at 7 pm.
I do like Bill’s line of thinking and even I am not aware of any studies to prove this, I believe it wouldn’t be such a good idea to take Flameout, e.g., on an empty stomach or before bed with only a bit of protein.

It might be a good idea to have it after weightlifting workouts, but not immediatly after.

You work at 6pm. Therefore, I’d take it with lunch or lunch AND dinner (split dose or take a bit more than just a single dose…).

I take it first thing in the morning when I wake up…

Seems to do the job for me.

2 with my 2nd meal of the day, 2 with my last meal of the day.