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When Do You Take HOT-ROX?


Just received my first bottle of HOT-ROX :slightly_smiling: I would like to know how you guys take it. By that I mean, do you use it only during cutting, or do you also use it during bulking to minimize fat gains?

I'm bulking at the moment, and will be for the next 2 months at least.

And before you ask, I ordered the HOT-ROX now cos I found a good offer, so I thought I'd stash it away until it's time to cut. Unless anyone thinks it might be useful while bulking...

Thanks guys!



You are still "bulking". HOT-ROX is for fat loss. With fat loss you must slightly decrease your energy intake. You do not decrease your energy intake if you are "bulking". After you put on about 20 more pounds (9 Kg), you may "cut" if you desire. Then follow the directions on the bottle of HOT-ROX.


Thanks Mike. Yep, I know it's for fat-loss, I was just wondering if anybody used it during their bulking phase to prevent/minimise fat storage. I'm sure I read of people doing this back in the ephedra days.

I've used ephedra-based products before, and responded very well to them. How would you say HOT-ROX compares? I've been a bit sceptical of the non-ephedra fat-burners on the market, but you guys on this forum seem to swear by it so I thought I'd give it a go.


The A7-E complex (in HOT-ROX) is in addition to being very good at promoting fat loss also potent at promoting protein synthesis. That is why if you are eating properly even while cutting calories you can retain lean muscle mass.

I have used HOT-ROX during a MAG-10 cycle for the same reason you have stated. If cost isn't an issue, I would do it. If cost is an issue, I would save it for the express purpose of cutting.


Thanks for that! Well, being a student, cost is always an issue (sigh...). I've only been "eating big" a la Berardi for 2 weeks, I'll see how it goes, and if I think I'm porking up too much I might use it.