When Do You Look Rediculous?

I really am starting to like the sleek new “basketball” shoes the kids are wearing, and even am thinking about getting a pair (Nike).

At what point does an “older” guy start looking rediculous wearing “younger” cloths? (I really would like the perspective of some Vixens and maybe the guys in High School and College). I really would like that pair of Nike’s!

im a college kid here to help you out. its ok for guys to dress young up their entire lives as far as i am concerned. i dress my dad who is 48 like i dress, and he now has a 25 year old girlfriend. ahhaa, you could get that pair of nike’s as long as you arent wearing jeans that are tight on the ankle and are going to sit on top of your sneakers. if your gonna get a pair of sneakers, make sure your pants fit over them, and that they arent huge clunkers. stay away from neon colors too, haha, usually older guys that try to dress young think that crazy colors make them look young, they dont, they make them look like they are trying too hard. you could get those nikes, just remember to keep some classiness. wow, this article made me sound like bitch, but i hope it helped, hahahha

Mufasa, the fact that you even bothered to ask that question probably means you are pretty cool and should just get the shoes. I don’t think a pair of “in-style” basketball shoes ever really look bad on an older guy. Some other clothes do, but not shoes. Just follow this rule. If the color the shoes are only looks good on a parakeet, then don’t buy them. Forget the bright red, blue, purple, or any other vibrant colors. They are hard to pull off, don’t match with anything, and generally just look stupid unless worn buy a sports team with a particular bright colored matching uniform. Stick with the white, black, grey, silver, or dark blue/navy and you probably can’t go wrong.

What are you classifying as younger clothes? I don’t think it matters what you where weather you are 15 or 50, it matters the situation you are going to be wearing them around in. If you are a forty year old man and wearing baggy jeans to work as a doctor, then yes you will look rediculous, but if you are wearing them to do something casual then whats the big deal.
Mind you if you are talking about the Nikes that look like plastic boots, then you will look like a fool, everyone does that wears them. I am 20 and in collage.

Are jeans with a tapered leg around the ankle out of style? I wear those with sneakers so I am starting to get concerned. If they are, then what would you recommend for a guy in his 30s?

ok, there are a couple of places that you could go to get some jeans without tapered ankles. i would go to structure or abercrombie myself, though they are pretty pricey. you want either loose fit, or wide leg(dont worry, they are not like homeboy pants) or even bootfit. for casualness you could wear these with sneakers or a pair of brown boots adds a classy touch girls seem to love. but definitely you wanna get away from the tapered leg, you dont need anything huge, but something a little loose in the leg that fits over your sneakers is definitely a necesity. girls in their 20’s, 30’s, and even 40’s like a guy in jeans, dark brown boots, and a botton-up long sleeve shirt, classy but casual, they love it. hope this helped

It would probably look pretty ridiculous if you went back to wearing a diaper a bib and some of those shoes with the cartoon characters on them :slight_smile: But basketball shoes are cool for older guys. Especially if you play basketball.

Darko: I don’t know if I have a real definition for “younger” clothes, other than “those styles that young people wear”. (Pretty vague, huh?)

With what you guys have said so far…maybe you get into trouble if you try to dress “too” young or “hip” young or “funky” young?..like you’re auditioning for NBC Saturday morning T.V. or like an EARLY teen? (i.e.; 13-14 with bright, baggy colors, etc.)??? Huummmm…keep the thoughts coming, guys! I may go to “FootLocker” this weekend!

Yeah, tapered jeans are definitely out, especially because they normally come standard on a pair of regular relaxed jeans. Most of these so called relaxed fit jeans could pass for wet suits anymore, they look so tight and uncomfortable. Maybe just me. Allow me to opine on this situation. Buy a pair of baggy fit carpenter style jeans. Now, I don’t mean baggy like Allen Iverson shorts baggy, but a pair that give your entire leg and ass area room to breathe. The pants should be long enough to cover the top third to top half of your shoes. Carpenter style jeans allow this because the cuffs are slightly larger in circumference than regular jeans. Wear them with a college sweatshirt and/or fitted cap. That is how the casual look goes here. Buy a couple of pairs of “better” fitting pants and khakis for nights out to the bars and clubs. These are the times you want to give a hint of what your physique looks like through your clothes. As for the shoes thing, stick with low to mid top shoes. Mostly white shoes are back in style, as are the gray cross trainer types you see New Balance and Skechers out with now. Hope this helps you out. Oh, one other thing, don’t try to be hip by getting a new tat, or piercing, or by wearing a dew rag. That’s a dead giveaway at someone trying to act too young or hip. Not saying those are bad things, but some people just try too damn hard.


Get those shoes! :slight_smile: As a 23-year-old vixen, I’d say there’s nothing wrong w/ guys wearing cool shoes regardless their age. They only look ridiculous if they decided to get “funky” or stupid about it, like wearing crazy colors, thinking that’s going to make them look young. Yeah right.

An older guy with lots of muscles will NEVER look like an idiot in cool clothes. It’s the body under the clothes that validates “the look”.

Mufasa! Get the lime-green shoes and I don’t care what Screel says, put on the do-rag. When you hit the club grab two young hunnies and yell, “it’s time to throw that mutha down!” Unfold a large piece of refrigerator cardboard and start breakdancing! You’ll get the attention you’re looking for!

Basketball sneakers look dumb on 17-year old kids, nevermind on an adult. Stick with dignified and classy yet stylish clothing.

Don’t even worry about what everone thinks man. If they think your trying to look young buying those shoes, fuck 'em in the ear! I am in college, OU, and everyone down here is worried about what they look like. Do what you want and careless about what people think is what I always say. Then again I don’t care about anything except my lifting so I might be wrong.

I agree with flash. Please dont where the tapered leg jeans they look realy bad, way out of style. No goochie roles either! haha. If that is all you have then you can cut the inside seem where it opens them up some around the ankle. Abercrombie jeans to me seem the most comfortable and not bad priced either, I also like Levi silver tabs they are thinner and are real comfortable. I say stay away from the shoes with a lot of black on them. Get some cross trainers or somthing if you like the nikes. K-swiss are a cool looking shoe too. You have to get the solid white ones though thats whats in. Well later folks

I think people who keep themselves buff can get away with alot-like wearing younger styles. A fit person will look good in any fitness clothing, shoes included. Once you get them and start wearing them around you’ll wonder why you questioned it. They would go nicely with a testosterone t-shirt (which I don’t feel worthy to wear when I’m out of shape.)