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When Do You Listen to the Radio?


I have an opportunite to take the Super Human Radio show into a few new markets. I want to make my selections based upon the slot times available. The show currently airs on Saturday at 12 noon which is a great slot to be in.

The other markets do not have this slot available so the show will be re-broadcast at a different time of day.

My quesions is - when would you be most likely to tune into a show that focuses on human performance, strength, fitness, nutrition, performance enhancing drugs, etc?

Weekdays, weekends, evenings? Your feedback will be greatly appreciated!

  • Carl


Definately evenings and weekends


Mornings and afternoons. I do most of my listening during my hour drive to and from work.


Late afternoon weekdays.


Only in my car, that's it.


In my car, afternoons...mornings are dedicated to O&A


Dude, buy the Arbitron book, you cutting into our profits with this alternative research, LOL. Yeah I work for them but I am a "mere" Project leader and dont have access to that level of info. Good luck man!!



Weekday mornings.

I listen to my xm ALL the time...I always have music on though...I'm not a real big listener of radio shows.


I listen to talk radio (especially sports talk radio) between 1 - 3 am while I am doing homework or whatever.

So, you'd have me listening along with a bunch of old people with insomnia.

Get it on between 6 - 10 am weekdays if you can. That's prime time for radio.


That may be so but I think he is trying to target a specific demograhpic most likely to be interested in his programming. That may still be the case during the time frame you mentioned but that may not be a possibility for him. But it would occur to me that he would want to find probably the 18-24 and 25-34 male (and female) demograhpic for his broadcast range as IMO would be most inclined to listen to that type of programming.

  1. Amsterdam Animal you are one big motherfucker.

  2. I listen both in the car and when I'm tinkering in the garage.

Saturday afternoons, for me, would be the best time to hear a show like this. I'm either in the garage or running errands. And let me tell you, there isn't shit on the radio worth listening too on saturday afternoons until football season starts up, even with the new FM talk format that the "FREE FM" stations are utilizing.

So, in summary:

  1. A-A = bigmofo

  2. Sat. Afternoons



haha, thanks bro.