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When Do You Know You are Ready to Compete?

Hi guys,

I am wondering how you know when you are ready to consider doing your first ever show. To say I am chubby is a bit of an understatement but I am 22 years old, 6ft and have managed to bulk up to 124kg/273lbs. I have never dieted down before so I do not know what I would look like in competition condition in comparison to other first timers who I have seen. I have included a picture of myself.

You need to diet down anyway, so do it and see where you are then make the call. At this stage, it looks like you have enough muscle mass.

You have enough muscle.

Pick a show and make your dieting timeline appropriate. You will need four to five months, I believe. Mine was five and a half!

You are ready to go. Find yourself a decent coach to walk you through if you can.

Thank you all for your feedback

I’ve always said that no one knows how ready they are until they truly swallow their pride and diet down to seriously lean levels. Over the years there have been plenty of guys (even on this very site! -lol) who loved being the “big guy” but while predicting how great they’d do onstage, never had the balls to suck it up and find out.

When I did my first real cut, I figured I’d be onstage at 190 lbs because I was pretty solid at 215… How wrong I was -lol

It’s humbling in some ways, but empowering and enlightening in others.

Like Brick said, it’s a trip that will take several months (if done correctly), but it will change your perspective like you would never believe.

From that one pic, I’d say that you’ve got enough muscle. In terms of overall balance and symmetry,… well, things look very different at 200 lbs than 273 lbs.

Do it!



Agreed with everyone here, seems like you’ve got the potential to get on stage and do well. Find yourself a great coach (@The_Mighty_Stu coached myself, and @BrickHead to natural pro cards!) and go for it!