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When Do You Add Orals at the End?

Last cycle I ran Dbol at the beginning, and wasn’t personally a fan once I dropped it. Missed the feeling the rest of the cycle.

I’ve decided to run var at 60mg for 6 weeks at the end. I’ve seen this done two ways:
Option A - run final 6 weeks and end it same time you do your last injection.
Option B - run it for last 4 weeks of injections, and then the 2 weeks leading up to PCT.

Not sure it makes a huge difference, but would love some reasons for one or the other. As of now, I am leaning towards running it right up to PCT (Test E 500 Wk1-12 and Var weeks 8-14)

Any input is much appreciated.

Thank you, sir! I had read this weeks ago and could not for the life of me remember the title or find it, I suck.

Truly appreciate it!

As always Iron has said it and this time he definitely said it with more refinement than I would have attempted to.

I have always been a fan of running the oral at the end and timing it to stop right before PCT (back before i started the blast and cruise). I personally know that the placebo effect work on me and what I mean is at the end of a cycle when the momentum slows I would add in the oral and think “now i have this extra hormone in my blood i can and should do more in the gym.” It always helped me find more gas to throw on the fire. Plus i never had a hard time starting a cycle, once I injected I was so excited i never had issue with going all out in the gym. So it always made sense to run it at the end.

The other part for me was I also felt if i hit it extra hard at the end then I would stand a better chance of keeping the gains. Due to how winstrol works in the body it is the “stack with anything” compound and since it is a DHT it has that characteristics of solidifying gains, like masteron. Though I do think mast does this better. You picking anavar should see a similar situation. When you start the var you might actually loose a pound or two water weight but that’s ok don’t worry about it.

Definitely time it to end right before PCT. Those two weeks after you stop pinning your test levels will still be well above natural levels (so you can still gain fairly easy), well at the very end of the two weeks some of us might be dipping below a natural level. (The var will keep you going strong)


Appreciate it! Definitely pumped to try it this way. Was all set to start tomorrow, but got my labs back today and prolactin is high. Hoping all is good in a few more weeks and get this cycle started.

Thank you again for the additional confidence in running at the end!