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When Do Symptoms of High/Low E2 Appear?

Hey guys, if one were to have any high/low E2 side effects after starting TRT, when would they notice them? Quickly? Delayed?

I’ve just completed 5 weeks @ 100 mg TE once a week with no AI or HCG. Everything going well so far…

It really depends on the individual. Some within a couple of weeks, some months. Some have symptoms when E2 hits 30, some none with it at 50, or much higher.

Estrogen issues are delayed for myself by about a week, testosterone is more immediate for me. My appetite and energy skyrocket and estrogen follows in about a week, but takes 2-3 weeks to start feeling it climbing. My body feels the full effects of estrogen at the 7-8 week mark after reaching a stable state after 6 weeks.

So if I don’t have any symptoms of high E by week 7 I should be in the clear?

What does this feel like for you and what do you do about it?

I swear I always speak too soon. Two days ago I’d had 9 great days in a row. Today I feel anxious and depressed again. Maybe just a fluke, but I’m not getting blood work done until Dec 17th so I won’t kmow until then.

My head feels funny and full like my head is under thousand of feet of water. Extremely moody, water retention, bloating, sleepy and anxiety.

You can experience all of this as levels are swinging within the first 6 weeks on and off where you have good and bad days.

It sounds like estrogen is getting out of control, the 5th week usually determines how things are going to be from that point on out for me. If I feel great by week 5, it continues and if I feel bad, it usually continues.

This is why I never recommend weekly injection to anyone but very high SHBG men. Most men come here with bodies broken and have their metabolic rates in the gutter and or high body fat percentage.

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I’m doing weekly injections. But I must have a high SHGB. No bad days yet in 5 weeks. Good days and normal days.

I wish I knew definitively knew what’s going on in my body right now. I had a good fifth week, tomorrow will mark week 7 for me. Could my estrogen really have climbed that high already at 20mg EOD?

I don’t want to have to play the AI game, heard too many horror stories.

Play around on dosing and injection frequencies, spitting the dose into two or more time per week will lower estrogen. Daily dropped my estrogen dramatically.

20mg EOD estrogen was between 43, 7-8mg daily protocol 26 and only at Total T difference of a Total T of 79 ng/dL. It’s because in a given week I had 31mg less in my system and that lowered estrogen.

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I’m having major lack of appetite issues lately I’m on EOD 175mg/week - is appetite the result of e2 climbing or before it climbs?

High E2 kills my appetite, I associate energy and appetite to testosterone stepping on the gas metabolically.

I bumped up to 175 from 150 a week ago I guess it needs time to readjust - the head feeling like it’s under water thing is super accurate! I didn’t know how to describe it. Hard to focus on anything all I can do is sit n mindlessly watch tv or something couldn’t perform on a focus task or reading.

My appetite hasn’t changed at all in the 5 weeks since starting TRT Very low appetite.

The other culprit I’m looking into is cortisol - pop a couple Ashwagandha tonight and see how I feel

Take Sensoril Ashwagandha.

I’ve been using KSM-66 I’ll have to try sensoril by the way anyone seen this Netflix film called “late bloomer”? Dude with pituitary issues finally gets treatment and unleashes his “raging hormones”… thought it was ironic catching that

I use both. KSM-66 is good before the gym. Sensoril is more sedating and I use it after the gym. Puts the breaks on cortisol within 10-15 minutes.