When Do I Start Nolvadex?

Hello everyone! Just started a cycle of cypionate, doing 1ml every four days. I was given thirty 20mg tabs of nolvadex and a supply of 50mg tabs of clomid. I wanted to know when I should introduce the nolvadex into my cycle and how long should I wait to start clomid? Let me know what everyone thinks and all comments and greatly appreciated!!!

If your using it instead of an Aromatase Inhibitor ur going to need more that 30 pills. Even if u take 10mg a day thats like 8.5 weeks and if ur doing 10weeks??
Then ur pct is clomid? Better to get arimides or aromasin, if not get more nolva.

I am doing ten weeks and was told to wait up until my 4 week to start my Nolvadex. And at that I would do half a pill every other day. I’m not saying I’m going to do this, but just wanted to give you an idea of what I was told. What do you think?

Why wait till 4th week? Tamoxifen is super cheap if u want get more. I told you i think you shoud use a real AI and keep the nolva for pct. its not 1982 these drugs exist.

I got arimidex on the way tomorrow. What I’m asking is when I should start?

You don’t really tell us the dosage of T you plan on running other than “1ML” E4D. Do you understand why that information is useless? Let me explain; ML refers to a VOLUME of a substance, in this case you’re telling us that every 4 days you plan on injecting 1 ML of oil into your body. That oil in this case happens to contain a certain amount of Test C…it’s the amount of Test we need to know in order to offer constructive advice. Somewhere on the vial you will see the dosage of T per ML listed. Typically it will look something like 200mg/ml. This tells you that every ML of oil delivers 200mg of Test.

Now to try to answer your question in general terms without this critical piece of information I would say this:

  1. Get a blood test prior to starting this cycle. Test at a minimum, Total T, Free T, and Estrogen. Save these results as your baseline for later.
  2. Do your cycle and somewhere around week 4 repeat the same test and compare #'s. If your E numbers are exceeding high start your Adex. (exact dosage will depend on how high the E #s are)
  3. If prior to week 4 you experience any symptoms of gyno start Adex and have E tested.