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When Do I See Cycle Results?


10+ year Natural BB

Doing my First cycle

WK1 - 500MG Test* 400MG EQI
WK2 - 700MG Test* 400MG EQI

  • Sust & Cyp.

I'm about 8-9 days in. Looking for some feedback on how long till I might start noticing results.

Appetite is up from boldenone, but I've noticed no gain in weight, strength, or agression/intensity thus far. - Normal considering the small amount of time??



I recently did an eq and test cycle as well. right around the middle of the 4th week it seemed like a switch was turned on. Lift heavy, eat a lot, be patient. you will get huge :wink:
good luck



I did a cycle of Deca about 2 years ago and I did not notice anything until about 3 weeks in. From then on it was awesome. The drug must of lasted in my system for about 5 weeks after my last injection. It made me an absolute animal, you are going to love it.


Welcome to the dark side! I sometimes wish I would have been able to wait that long before making the plunge.

The other guys are right on. I remember the first day it hit me, it was amazing! It truly was like someone flipped a switch. I just kept adding weight and adding weight to my lifts that day, so cool!

10 days is nothing, keep eating your balls off and lifting, it will come!



From what you guys have done, what has been your experiences with regard to keeping and/or maintaining those gains once you've discontinued use for 6 months or so ?

I really appreciate the words. A part of me has been wondering, "Am I wasting my time? What's all the hub-ub about!?".



Your not wasting your time. The only thing that would cause that is fake gear. Have fun!


How about you send it to me and I will let you know if it is fake or not. Actually you should feel and see some results in the next week. Hold on tight because with those doses you should be in great shape come the end of the cycle.


Give it some time. Don't expect anything right off. In fact I doubt you'll feel that much bigger even at the end of your cycle. However people that haven't seen you for 3 months will notice.

As far as keeping your gains we need to know what your PCT is like. I would be doing 500ius of HCG every 3 days. You'll want to start the clomid a couple weeks after your last shot and if you really want to keep your gains do 10 weeks of Primo at 200mgs/week.

Good luck bro.



I've got Nolvadex & Clomid, and am about to pick up some Arimidex and HCG. I've researched all the ancillaries, and methods, but I'm always looking for feedback & experience to complete my new knowledge-base.

I appreciate all the feedback guys.



With all due respect to all here, I have to disagree with what has been said regarding the hcg. Hcg is used for boosting sperm counts to ensure the propagation of farm animals. It has no healthy or constructive use at all in steroid cycling.

Although in the short run it will make the user feel like he has recaptured his natural test production, in the long run it will only further supress the hpta, no matter how little the amount is that you use.

Stick with just plain old arimidex or femara throughout your cycle. Calculate the length of time it will take the esterfied steroids to clear you system, - that is the point were you quite taking the AI and begin the SERMS if you must.

As for when your cycle will kick in, that usually happens between the third and fourth week.

there are too many people on this board who have inadequate experience with steroids, and are just rehashing someone else's second-hand information whether it may be wrong information or right information, they have no clue.