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When Did You Stop Growing In Height?


I'm interested in when you guys stopped growing...

I'm 21 and I had my last growth spurt at 18, I was always the short guy in high school. I think there were maybe 2 other guys in my year shorter than me I think I was around 5'4 at age 16, I arguably didn't really grow much during my early teens. At 12 I was 5'2 and by the time I was 18 which was my last growth spurt I was about 5'7 just.

Lately I've been getting weird body aches and it never really occurred to me that it could actually be growing pains, since I'm 21 and I haven't grown since I was 18 it just didn't seem likely. However I'm currently almost 5'9 and unless I'm measuring myself wrong it would seem like I haven't stopped growing yet.

Anyone else have these sorts of experiences?


I grew some in college, not much but we are all chasing that extra .5".


You're right about that man... It may not sound like much but going from 5'7 - 5'9 is very welcome. One month your smaller than the majority of men and the next your the same height as most. Pretty cool.


Age 5.


still growing -


Your well on your way to being the Bellybuilding champion


I stopped growing taller at 12.


Ah, go to hell! (I barely made it past 5'7")



I was 185cms ~ 6foot tall at around 16... Never had the 21yo growth spurt thing.


Age 18? I think. I was lucky to get to 5'10, my dad and my brothers are all 5'8 or shorter.


same here - 6' 160 lbs at 16. I filled out to 175 by the time I graduated HS.

been stuck at 6' ever since.


Here is how I grew...

9th grade - 5'0 120 lbs

10th grade - 5'4 150 lbs

11th grade- 5'8 190 lbs

12th grade - 6'0 255 lbs

current (age 36) - 6'1 220 lbs


you put on 60lbs in one year? Damn Max, what the hell did you eat that summer?


Baby souls and anti-matter.


I've been 5 ft 8 since the beginning of time.


Hah sorry man... It's a shock to be honest, my Dad was 5'5 and my Mom was 5'4 so I was surprised I even got 5'7 let alone 5'9.


I do understand what you are growing through. I grew up in Texas and when I moved north it was like growing 2 to 3 inches because the guys were shorter. Interesting is that the women were not and it seemed pretty common for the women to be taller than the man.

Congrats, I wanted to be 5'9".


I imagined you as 6'3" or taller. You have a lot of sass for a short guy.


I was 5'7" at age 12 and I gained maybe half an inch after that. Annoying to see all the other guys keep going.


I was 6'0" at age 14.
End of HS I was 6'2" and haven't grown since, still 6'2" at 27.