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When Did You Start Using a Lifting Belt?


G’day all, my 1st post here. Have been reading Tnation for ages now and really appreciate the community and knowledge of the users.

Just wondering when you guys started to use a weightlifting belt for your squats. When I started lifting I never really wanted to use the belts or straps or anything too fancy but recently my squat has been pumping my lower back and I believe it is leaking power from my poor (weak) legs!

I’m currently doing a 5x5 scheme for high bar back squats on Monday. A high rep front squat ‘pump’ day on Wednesday (with chest) and a heavy low volume back squatting on Friday or Saturday b4 back

Slowly adding weight most weeks I am at 75kg now on my 5x5.

Bodyweight 70-72kg

I love back and front squats and would leave my front squatting without a belt as it is my biggest core exercise i have atm.

Goals are to squat and conquer 100kg (225) but I feel I’m really slowing on my progress right now.

Thanks lads!


I used a belt for “support” but they don’t do anything just by putting them on.

I bought a Inzer Lever belt 8 months ago and have used it since.

Just wearing one doesn’t help however, you need to brace unless you are already doing it correctly. Here’s a great video by Alpha on bracing, should save your back too.

Anyway good luck with your 100kg Squat goal.


You can develop impressive squat numbers without a belt. It just depends on if you train your body to lift with, or without, a belt.

On that same note, it is not a bad thing to use a belt either. It just depends.

My recommendation is that if you are serious about your lifting, buy a quality belt that you will have for a long time and see if you like using it. I go through phases where I use one, and don’t use one. Most people find a considerable increase in their squats number with a belt.

However, your 225 goal can certainly be realized without belt, so don’t let that be what is “holding you back” in your mind. Also, your low back pump is not the absence of a belt, but rather a form issue or weaker muscle group that needs to get stronger probably.