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When Did You See Your Best Results?


I was just curious on what programs everyone saw their best results. So I pose 2 questions.

1.) What program/training regimen did you see the best results in your physique?

2.) What program/training regimen did you see your best strength gains?

(5x5, 5/3/1, WestSide, WS4SB, GVT, IBB, with sprinting, without sprinting, 3 days a week full body, high frequency, high volume, body part splits.... you get the idea.)

I'm not looking for a right or wrong answer here. I just figured it would be nice to learn from the experience of dedicated T-Nation members.



the "360 muscle" program i've been posting a lot in here about

day 1 - all the muscles on the 'right' side of the body
day 2 - all the muscles on the 'left' side of the body
day 3 - off
day 4 - all the muscles on the 'front' of the body
day 5 - all the muscles on the 'back' of the body

weekend is off or for cardio if needed

this ensures all muscles are being hit at least 2x directly a week


I'm gonna have to agree with HM on this one.


I read about 360 Muscle on some other site. I didn't realize my results from it would be so dramatic.


yeah, HolyMac and i exchanged some PMs a few years ago and when i asked him about his training, he told me about the 360 system. using those principles has really helped me grow faster than I i could have otherwise. you always have a new muscle on deck each day, and the angle change-up is really unique.


Don't try to take credit for the program I showed you HM, wow...


Someone is bound to take you guys seriously.

They probably deserve it though.


When I went from eating 4 times a day to 6 or 7.


Before I discovered internet bbing sites.


Sounds really interesting. Do you happen to have a link that outlines this program in greater depth? Thanks man.

You make one hell of a point there. Desk-bro-nutritionist f*cked my world for a couple of years before I could smell bullshit though a screen.


Ive always wondered and maybe HM or Way can shed some light on this but am I supposed to do the side delt on the "front" day or the "back" day..

I know I know.. OCD.. but I cant help it..

For what its worth ive been doing it on back day as we see it more during a back double bicep.. Dunno if thats how it should be done tough


we're actually in the middle of putting together an article for it, so you may have to wait for that.

pretty self explanitory though. on 'left' and 'right days, use the plate loaded hammer strengh machines to work the left and right sides of chest and back, as well as the coorisponding muscle groups.

i like to work large -> small muscles groups as well as front -> back. so for 'left' day i'd start with seated plate loaded press, move to back, then to left quads/hams. then back up to left shoulder/bi/tri and then calves.

same goes for 'front' and 'back'. start with larger muscle groups first.

definatly good for beginners, as the individual attention to sides helps correct strengh imbalences common with newer lifters


way explained it to me that people with really strong backs should do it on 'front' day. likewise strong pressers should do the opposite


Oh shit, thanks ! Guess ill have to change it to front day !

Also, any tips for lagging bodyparts/side?


This personal trainer I my friend worked with said that working a muscle twice a week is bad and Arnold could only do it because he was a genetic freak. How do you avoid overtraining with this???


Honestly, stealing my program and claiming it as yours. I've been doing the 360 for years now.

Message a playa for advice, nobody has to know.


Exactly. Fkin crooks


FUCK 360!!!! IT'S ALL BOUT DAT 720 BRAH!!!!!!!!


They call it the 360 because when you see the results, you'll do a 360 and moonwalk away.


Do you think one could use this for powerlifting too? Maybe make a Sheiko 360 hybrid or a 5/3/1 360 with bodybuilding assistance lifts?