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When Did You Guys Notice a Change in Libido on TRT?

Just wondering when everyone noticed an increase in libido on TRT? Obviously it will be different for each person. Please state your protocol also.


It’s been about 2 years. Haven’t felt it yet.

Been on various protocols as well. Still trying to “dial it in” if even possible.

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Two weeks

@gtwotwo what is your protocol?

My libido and erections started within the first week on injectable testosterone.

On tropicals within hours on first day.

very noticeable up tick between weeks 2 and 4 (200mg pw, twice p.w. ) . Then things settled down. Pre TRT I was averaging less then once session a month with the wife. Now averaging about once or twice a week.

I self inject 80 twice a week for a total of 160. I take 0.125 of Adex simultaneously with my injection. And take 0.125 of Adex the same time the next day. Injections are Monday at 4:15pm and Fridays at 4:30 am. No Adex Weds, Thurs, and Sunday. I was doing Adex eod but was able to feel my e2 drop low enough to cut back. This protocol is working really well for me. I would like to cut back a little more on the Adex. I notice quite a bit of joint popping and clicking in my upper body.

@gtwotwo did you start out with AI or did you eventually start using it due to high E2 sides? If so what were the sides you experienced?

I started out with no AI. When my e2 was high I noticed; itchy puffy nipples (especially the right one), hot flashes (although I felt hot almost all the time), a little emo and anxiety, water retention.

6 months but i first went to a quack doctor so once I switched to Defy- 3 months.

@danmeister what is your protocol?

TRT - .25 M/W/F
HCG - .3 M/W/F
Anastrazol - .125 M/T

Same syringe or differnt? Just curios

About two weeks. 200mg, once a week.

About 2 months on same protocol it got better but by 4 months it was consistent.

New syringe everytime.

Week number 2 I noticed it. Slowly increased and at week 16 it Is insane. I am actually hoping it stays put !

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@smash10033 I’ve always had a bit of libido since my low T injury but it’s not even close to what it used to be. Now nearly 2 weeks into 150mg split weekly and I don’t notice any difference.

If you haven’t experienced the benefits yet what makes you think that you will eventually? Personally, I think you either have an issue with hormones that haven’t been tested, e.g. cortisol, epinephrine, norepinephrine, or neurotransmitters.

I haven’t heard much talk about neurotransmitters or stress, for that matter, in the forum, and I think it’s a major oversight made by both those pursuing and those prescribing trt.

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I agree with you about neurotransmitters.

I have experimented with wellbutrin and buspar, and once in awhile they trigger libido.

From what I understand though, testosterone and estrogen greatly influence dopamine and serotonin.