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When Did You Fall In Love With Iron?

Do any of you remember the very first time you decided that you wanted to start lifting weights? The actual moment where you said to yourself…“this is for me!”. Not the reason you decided to start lifting weights. We all know what those are; more muscles, chicks, beat up local bully, chicks, etc.but the actual moment or event that solidified it into your brain that you wanted to lift big iron.

Personally, my iron epiphany was at the YMCA in Youngstown, Ohio in the mid 70’s. I was an awkward doofus teenager and I had wandered into the massive weight room of the Y. The blaring heavy metal music, gigantic men, weight plates, and clouds of chalk put a spell on me that I have never been able(nor cared to)shake.

I was wondering if anyone else can remember the pivotal moment that shifted them to the weight lifting universe and out of the orbit of ordinary men? Any stories out there that you care to share?

Before I started training, I knew that I would be doing this for the rest of my life (even at 12, I knew). Since I started, I have never even considered the alternative. There is just no other way for me.

When I saw my avatar.

I was visiting some relatives and put on my grandfather’s old suit (for some fancy dinner). I looked in a full-length mirror and saw how incredibly scrawny I was.

I couldn’t believe it at first, my reflection almost looked like an optical illusion. I felt like I was trapped in the wrong body.

This was maybe over six years ago, been working out ever since, with only a couple periods of interruption.

I actually started working out for football as a sophomore in high school. As a junior, our offseason training was riddled with competitions on a weekly basis, with the “championships” coming the week before Spring ball started.

When I was too fat and out of shape to walk to classes without breathing heavy, I decided to change it. I guess when I truly fell in love with iron was when I tried to bench press 150 for the first time ever and failed. It was nice and humbling.

when I started just to try to lose weight and saw that I could actually make my muscles grow. that and the fact that my dad was always jacked as hell and I was scrawny and wanted to be big like him. now I am.

A few things come to mind for me. One, after doing HIIT (sprinting one minute, jogging two), outside at the community college where I had a fitness room membership, stumbling to my car, sitting down and realizing that, at that moment, everything in the world was alright. No matter what had been on my mind before that, now I could just accept everything and really be ok.

I also still remember the first time, at that same fitness room, doing a heavy deadlift. Looking back, it was probably like 200 pounds, but that was enough to put a new stress on my untrained ass. I could feel myself “turning on” in a way I hadn’t really felt before, saw those sparkly star dealies. Just…really hit me that I could push my body and feel something like that.

i had been training for about a year although i was doing deadlifts and just started doing squats, i did my rotator cuff and had to take 2 months off, during this period i had gotten back with my first love and we fell apart again…once my shoulder was fixed probably a month later i found out that she was cheating on me while we were togethor with someone who used to be a friend from high school and that they were still together, well…

i went ballistic in the gym both to get stronger and bigger. I wanted blood every time I finished a session I felt good and I guess this is where I developed my love of gym…it’s a release now for me and if i cant go I’m generally not a happy person

on a side note I haven’t ran into this ass clown since this happened last year, he is afraid as he knows what’s coming…but I’m still going to have words when I run into him…my ex knows my thoughts about her as I have to work with her 3-4 times a week…

After it bought me dinner.

[quote]CJK wrote:
when I started just to try to lose weight and saw that I could actually make my muscles grow. that and the fact that my dad was always jacked as hell and I was scrawny and wanted to be big like him. now I am. [/quote]

Wow, that is weird. That is exactly what happened to me. My dad has always been big, although he didn’t have time to workout as much once we moved to the US. Still, I always wanted to be bigger and stronger than him.

haha mid november 2007. Started looking at pics of bodybuilders, went in the weightroom, did my first workout, loved the pump. I try to get that every day.

I saw a picture with my ex at the zoo. I wasn’t fat or scrawny, but my tits looked a bit flabby and very undefined through my t shirt. After this I started doing pushups and concentration curls for a few months before I learned how to workout. Just a couple months of those two exercises bagan to destroy my unsightliness.

when i got tired of being a fat skinny and as i picked up weights and started curling (what did i know back then?) and then as i saw my physique changing, getting stronger …haven’t put them down since - a year ago this month.

i adore my barbell. i’m taking it with me when it’s time to leave this earth. i’ve gone from thinking 10# was heavy to deadlifting 120# … what a feeling.

I got into Iron last fall, because I was sick of how I looked and felt. But I fell in love with the Iron a few weeks ago, when I finally got into a real gym, and used Olympic bars for the first time. It was awesome. I never want to stop.

I lifted once a week with some buddies, but I was the only one of them who would work out at all during the week; I saw that I was a little stronger than all of them, and realizing I could actually have control over my body eventually struck me. Ever since I’ve wanted to be as big and strong as possible.

[quote]Makavali wrote:
When I saw my avatar.[/quote]

Same When I moved to America in 94 I saw a lot of bodybuilders and though that was cool. But when I saw Frank Zane doing his vaccume pose It blew me away…been chasing that type of body ever since I was old enough to go to the gym by myslef which was 16.

Oh ya and when I benched 185 at a body weight of 180 lol…I was hooked.

When I watched this:

Second year @ university back around 1996 - I had just gone through a harsh breakup with my HS girlfriend of five years & needed something to take away her memories - I went from 240 large blobular lbs. down to a lean 170 - then built myself back up to a harder 190 lbs…

I knew I had fallen in love with it when the hot trainer @ the gym asked if I was training for something, I was that “intense” lol

I think the ritual & mental preparation, pain & sacrifice that people that lift & train go through is just as addictive as any drug. I know I’ve come to need it in the past 10-12 years & know I can rely on it into my old age.

It’s not too far-fetched to say that lifting became my religion of sorts & helped me through what seemed like bouts of depression at the time… I never got to the point of using juice or competing as such to achieve my goals but I know that in testing myself & my strength that “You can never be too strong”

when my dad brought home one of the old-ass DP wallmount machines, anyone remember those? had the red sparkly bench and the bicycle handlebar thingy. remember being instantly hooked, and when we bought the classic sand-filled Sears weight set, it was game on. had absolutely no clue what I was doing but gained 25lbs the first year.