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When Did You Do Something Good?


So, after reading Nate Green's "Somebody's Watching" column, I thought it'd be cool to share some stories like his. I just figure'd I'd start it in another thread as to not hijak his.

Or, at least a time (or even an idea) you have tried to do something nice for someone else. This thread doesnt have to become a Mother Theresa thread, but perhaps throw some ideas out there to make it easier to help someone else out.

I'll start: As simple as it sounds, in high school I would just try to make small talk with some of the kids who werent so popular, just to try to include them in something.

It could be something as simple as my example, all the way up to taking a bullet for a loved one.


Well, as simple as it sounds, in high school I would just try to let some of the kids who thought they were popular make small talk with me, just so they could cling to their illusion of relevance.





Sometimes its nice to do things for people and not talk about it.


no good deed goes unpunished


I bought booze for teenagers just yesterday.


I called the girl back and offered to bandage her head up, it just felt like the nice thing to do.



sorry, i was inspired by a different Nate Green blog.


Too true.

I had a Polish girl move to the UK last year, and I tried to help her learn English and get a job, and my friend and I even gave her a place to stay. You'd think that she would show some appreciation? Nope, shit turned sour and out she went.

People in general are unappreciative twats, and while I am poplite to strangers, I will rarely help anyone I don't know that well, again.


So Nep, what have you been up to?


Hey, rrjc. You can't be serious in a room full of comedians.


Yeah, uh huh. Yep. Go on.


I wasnt doing this to turn the thread into "I did something nicer" but more of "here are some ideas" to make it easier to be nice.

LOL... Yeah, I'm gonna chalk this one up.


You are one of the best guys on here. You did a nice thing for my kids and we all appreciate it.




There are many good things that I do for others, but I don't have time to list them all.

The latest example I can think of was last weekend when I was driving down the interstate. I was eating a Whopper while driving. At one point, I had to get into the left lane for a left exit.

Traffic was fairly heavy, so I had to squeeze in between two cars. There was plenty of room - at least 3 car lengths, so I wasn't cutting anyone off. I put on my turn signal, checked once more to my left and eased over. The woman behind me sped up as I started over and flashed her lights at me. I continued over and stared at her in my side mirror.

I made a shrugging sort of gesture as if to say, "what, I've got to get over?". About 5 seconds later, I realized that because I was holding onto the Whopper in my left hand (my gesturing hand) that it probably appeared that I was giving her the finger.

I laughed for a good minute about that.

Oh yeah, why was it something good that I did? I didn't actually mean anything bad by the gesture.



I replied to a couple of PMs from Nep and I offered to find him a job closer to his house...I wouldn't have really done anything to try and find him a job if he'd been interested, but I would've made it out like he was too good to work where I work...oh yeah...

I showed his pic and some of his posts to my neighbor's 24 year-old daughter and she was actually dying to meet him...thought he was hot like Buddy Holly/Elvis Costello hot (her words) I never mentioned it to him as she moved away and he might've been really dissapointed in the lost opportunity...so I think not telling him was kinda nice...but now I'm telling him so maybe that one doesn't count...but...

I think I'm gonna go see if I can find him a job and reply to a PM he sent me a few weeks ago that I never got around to...but first I'm gonna walk down the hall and see if the hot girl in the accounting offfice is in and then I'll talk to her a while and then I'm probably gonna walk down to the cafeteria and see if there's any hot women visiting and then it'll probably be time to go home and I'll be relaxin' and drinking ginger-lime margaritas and eating tacos (right-side up and upside down tacos) so I probably won't actually get around to replying to his PM, but I have good intentions of doing that sometime...


BASTARD! Cut me off one more time and see what happens.
And you were giving the finger, liar.


Sounds good to me.


People are so unthankful that it makes you loose all your compassion.