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When Did Soda Get Expensive?


when did buying a two litter pepsi cost you $ 2.50??!!?? (sads)


Where do you live? It's about a dollar cheaper where I am.


Pepsi? I thought it had bad stuff in it though :confused:


Why are you drinking that crap?


Hey yeah...do they call them 2 liter bottles in the US? I would've figured it'd be called a 2 quart or something.


why does a 20oz cost $2.00


I'm not surprised if Pepsi/Coke etc were sold by the gallon in the US.

Anyway - "No, they got the metric system there, they wouldn't know what the fuck a Quarter Pounder is."


I still want to know why you're drinking that crap?


Me too.
That's a loser's beverage.


Erm... Coke FTW?


Coca cola is better!


Haven't u seen Super Troopers??

Farva - Gimme a litre o' cola.
Burger guy - I don't know what that is.
Farva - Litre is French for give me some fucking cola before I break vous fucking lips!


Imperial Dr.Pepper ftw. Pepsi is shit tier.


Seriously I can never read your posts, that avatar is so freaking awesome.


that last logo of pepsi is the gayest shit ever


Not sure if it's related, but they're making it so you can't buy soda with food stamps any more. Beer and cigarettes are fine, but if you want soda you best go fuck yourself.


The last logo of pepsi is made to look like Obama's lil insignia

And on the same note, they are trying to tax everything that is "not good" for you, some to the point of eradication. I said years ago, everything that happened in Demolition Man is happening for real.


Pop and non-'healthy' fruit drinks are sold by the liter here. 'Healthy' fruit drinks are sold by the quart, never liter. Smaller pops and recreational beverages are sold by the ounce, unless you want a special drink, which will be a single liter. Pop is never sold by the gallon. Milk is never sold by the liter.

If you ever say you want a gallon of pop or a liter of milk, you will be considered weird.


Give me a GODDAMM liter of COLA!!



I foresee this thread degrading down to a "POP vs SODA" debate.