When Could You Tell TRT Was Working?

What week of trt and what were the signs that you recognized that trt was working?

When I was on the appropriate protocol (daily injections) end of week I was sleeping like a baby, had great erections and didn’t really have symptoms, I was just waiting for the full benefits which doesn’t happen overnight.

I don’t need that much testosterone, 400 ng/dL is plenty, anything more than 500 ng/dL in going to take away benefits and increase symptoms. I get to these levels on only 7-8mg daily.

I felt better by the end of the second week (after two injections) on 200mg once a week. Most notable were increased energy, libido, strength and decreased joint pain. Most guys report noticeable improvements within a month and usually by two weeks.

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What week? Ha Ha! Oh man are you optimistic. You should ask what year.

I’m particularly interested in when you all felt a significant increase in libido.

Considering I have hypersexuality and that I have morning and daily erections at 97 ng/dL, things happen pretty quick for me, that includes libido because it’s already present.

Muscle mass increases happen pretty quickly as well, by the second week I notice a difference in hardness and body comp changes by 3-4 weeks which is when the family noticed I look a bit leaner around the waste.

My veins are popping out on hands and arms by the 3-4 week period, I have low SHBG (14-22), so FT levels are push higher right from the start.

Your response will be dictated by your CAG receptor repeat lengths, men with triple CAG repeat lengths response quickly to sexual function and if your unlucky enough to have insensitive receptors, then you will be one of those who struggles with sexual function on TRT.

These men will only have sexual function when levels are in flux between dosing changes if at all.

Some men need certain size peaks and troughs between injections to regain sexual function where the body doesn’t respond positively when the difference between troughs and peaks is minimal.

I’ve seen men make incremental improvements every couple of months, guys expecting immediate results need to show some patience and those with none are destined to struggle.

You must choose a dosage and stick with it for at least 6-8 weeks, this is how long it takes for levels to stabilize and how long it takes for your body to adapt to dosing changes.

Every man is different on trt they say 3-4 months is about when you feel good. Libido happens at varying durations. For me immediate. But it disappeared and for four months T refused to work. Found a new doc and he got me on thyroid meds. From that day forward I’ve felt great. 6 months now. How time flies.

It took me a long time to find the right protocol (maybe 8 months?). The problem was I kept changing shit too early because I knew better than everyone else. It cost me dearly. Luckily once I dropped the AI and started daily dosing at 185-200mg I became a God compared to who I was. It took about 2 months to start feeling good. Libido came last for me. It took about 3 months or more at the right protocol for consistent good libido. The problem now is I wake up at least 3 nights a week in the middle of the night with a raging hard on that won’t go away. Luckily that’s the worst of my problems. My penis has become very patriotic and every morning stands for the star spangled banner and since I went a while with weak erections it’s like I’m 2 inches longer. The main reason I still post here is to let people know to stop f-ing changing stuff before it has time to work. That and the grown-ups section over in pharma.

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@dextermorgan You read pharma so you are interested in TRT plus :smiley:

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200mg a day???

Right on bro thanks for the share. I’m sure it helps men more than you know. I’ve realizes many men read but never reply. I hear it all
The time on Facebook when men message me and say they saw my posts here and that’s what helped. Keep on it :slight_smile:

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I bet you can figure that one out

Would love to hear briefly which med he put you on and at what dosage? Also your thyroid lvls before the meds…

I wonder would you still feel like a god if you pinned every 3.5 days rather than ED…

I tried (in order and at least 2 months on each) weekly, bi-weekly, EOD, daily sub-q, EOD sub-q, and finally daily IM. No one starts at daily doses. Daily doses are what happens when something isn’t working and you run out of options and go against what seems to be true. Daily doses technically shouldn’t make much of a difference from bi-weekly but for me they make a major difference and I feel amazing with no negative symptoms whatsoever.

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I felt great simply 20 minutes after 100mg pin.
And after telling a friend the euphoria he was experiencing shortly after a pin was all in his head. And likely from the needle itself.

I was wrong

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My TSH was 4.5 or something and I had horrid fatigue. God I wish that on nobody.

I am on DESSICATED Thyroid. So bovine of porcine . Recently started armour thyroid even though I don’t eat pork products. They ran out of bovine :confused:

@dextermorgan I will start at daily doses, Im not bothering with bi weekly at all. Dr Nichols and dr Saya are very clear daily doses are preferred when possible. I want to feel well, dont give a fuck how often will inject

Good luck dude

10 days in with ED IM, and from the first day I felt an energy boost. Libido strong and mental focus is great. Look forward to every pin!

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