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When Can I Expect to Notice Results of Testosterone Injections if took 8 Weeks Off for HCG Monotherapy

Alright so I’ll try to explain as simple as I can

In May I started 100mg test cyp at my PCP office every Friday for 12 weeks. Total T went from 220 to 757.

I than sought a real doctor from Defy who told me to stop testosterone and prescribed HCG 500iu 3x per week for 8 weeks. 8 week lab results came in my Total T dropped from 757 to 365. Free T went from 18.6 to below normal range.

He is now prescribing testosterone again this time it’s .4ml(80mg) every 3.5 days(Monday morning /Thurs evening) , HCG went from 500iu 3x per week to 2x per week.

This might be stupid. I picked up the testosterone from pharmacy yesterday and decided to take a full .8ml (160mg) in 1 shot and took hcg only twice this week.


So I can have it as starting the protocol this week and not next week.

Starting Monday morning I will do .4ml as prescribed.

But it got me curious when will I start to see results in gym, mood,sleep,etc? All these crashed/plateaued during the 8 weeks I was off testosterone and on HCG .

I hope I don’t have to wait 6+ weeks again like the standard.

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