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When Broscience Goes Wrong


In 1993 Dan Duchiene wrote article on alternatives to parabolin, any way finiplex pellets came up., as well as availability and how it could be smashed up and used in dmso topically.
Any way I got idea to inject it as topical wasnt doing shit. So a freind of mine who was into chemistry gave me an idea of how to convert in injections, wrong idea.
The shot hurt really bad, but i went to work, within an hour of shot i had an abcess the size of a wallet in glute. On my way to va hospital i was sweating profusely and felt clammy .
If i had same info now, that never would have happened, but i learned from it.


im not reading all that give me the TLDR version


Dont smash up tren ace pellets, mix with everclear, filter with panty hose , then inject it hurts bad, and you will get nasty case of cellulitis.




Im sure some meathead has tried using the pellet gun for steers , on their selves or had their buddy do it.