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When Boring Food Gets Boring


what do you guys have to mix it up? I don't tend to branch out very much, but sometimes you gotta.

prime rib bbq'd in allspice and bullseye guinness
onions and mushrooms sauted in cracked pepper (with beef thrown in at the end)
garlic buns broiled, then again with mozzarella and monterey (sp?)jack with hot pepper bits

I"m posting this because I'm psyched at how awesome it was compared to the boring crap I've been eating day in and day out, and because I'm kinda sad its gone and want to relive it somehow.

(note. I got a beautiful rack of ribs for tomorrow (first time) and will review the thread that covered that (although I dont have a smoker on my bbq so compromise might have to take place)


What's bullseye guinness?!?!?


only one of the best barbeque sauces ever...no big deal


I thought it was gonna be a sweet beer that i would then have to go try. mildly disappointed. big deal.


I'm personally embarrassed for your lack of enthusiasm over barbeque sauce


Your problem is that you're drinking Kokanee gold!

You're making all this great food and you're downing it with that.