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When Bees Attack!


Gripping news story! I'm glad someone covered it.

Good to see proper use of journalists time.





lol wow...guy in the orange shirt, such a homo!

"What's it feel like? Ohhh it's sticky..."

hahahaha, wtf!


Holy shit.

I hope those poor newscaster women near the end didn't get in any trouble for how they started goofing off a bit near the end.
That was the kind of thing that should be a three sentence thing in the weekly gazette that is given free at local diners and coffee shops.

I am literally smearing my own feces on my face in anger at how many dollars, hours, calories and gallons of gasoline as well as the inestimable loss of life in terms of time wasted and souls crushed in the making of that so-mother fucking-called "news" shit item.

I am not including myself in those calculations as

A) I have time to kill.
B) I enjoy getting angry at things/people.


Video seemed related.




Have you been drinking, Nards? Because you sure seem shit-faced.



Wow...even the news reporters started to laugh at that story...what a waste of time!


Im glad some of you guys enjoyed it... I was starting to think it probably didn't warrant its own thread.

@Nards: I had the exact same reaction man ('cept for the feaces part - u crazy dawg).


The "guy" in the orange reminds me of the dude at the end of that news story about the Ghetto Leprechaun.



Ha ha...no, not drunk, though I have a cold and took a but of Robitussin...so I've been 'tussin' as the kids call it.


From the way the gay brother in orange pronounced "porch" to the discount tree remover, that video had win from top to bottom. Now, PX is gonna come and defend their right to hate bees and chastise the evil white reporters.



^^^C'mon man. You laughed a little, admit it.


What the fuck is a "puuuuoooooorch", and when the fuck can I sit on one?


Yeah, at your first sentence.


Its only a matter of time till someone autotunes this one...


LOL @ 2:35 to the end, they can't stop laughing when it really hits them how fucking retarded the story is.


LOL @ 2:35 to the end, they can't stop laughing when it really hits them how fucking retarded the story is.


<3 Otto. That was hilarious!