When are wraps and belts needed?

I’ve been wondering, at what point in ones training would belts/kneewraps/elbow wraps be nessecary?

Was browsing ironmind and saw some dude squatting quite a bit of weight with no belts spots or wraps and it sparked my interest in this, as well as seeing guys like brad cardoza doing huge movements with no wraps or belts and then using wraps on belts at other points in time, just wondering the reason behind this and when these things become nessecary.

Warm up with out your belt.
Try to do your heavy lifts with no belt.
If you need to get a feel for how to use your belt, use it for speed work.

Don’t wear wraps in training, unless you’re a few weeks out from your meet.
That is not a rule, just a guidline.

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herb i can only speak from a powerlifting perspective…but i only really wear knee wraps the last heavy squat work out before a meet so i can see how i feel with them and then at a meet…other than then i never ever wear them… i wear a belt often…on my last 3 heaviest sets of max effort work for the sq and dl, and of course when i bench with a shirt to hold it in place and during dyanmic sqauts i wear a belt one notch loose so i can push my abs out and actually get them stronger…elbow sleeves are great to wear if your having elbow pain but they give no help with the lifts…bm

Olympic lifting and assistance lifts for Olympic lifting? A belt is never necessary. Straps are often used on snatches and on heavy pulls (both snatch grip and clean grip).