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When and What to Take? Anavar and Test?


Hey everyone,

I am currently 18 yrs old and started workout out a year and a half ago.
My body stats are 185lbs at 5 foot 9 inches at roughly 9-10% bf.
My lifts are a 350 bench, 550 deadlift and a 510 ATG squat.

I have considered running low dosage of some compounds (anavar and test suspension have peaked my interest) as I want to gain some size, but mostly strength. I am NOT looking to become a massive bodybuilder... I simply seek the recovery nature that steroids offer for performance.

Obviously, I don't intend on using while I'm 18, but in the future I may.

Let me know you thoughts... Cheers!!!


Research for the next 2-3 years. If your honestly as strong as you claim at that weight and age with any respectable form. You won't need gear for some while.


You got THAT strong in a year and a half? Forget about gear. If those numbers are legit you don't need anything.


Glad to see that as an 18 year old you aren't looking to use gear now, but rather in the future.

As far as recovery, I wouldn't think test suspension would be the best. It's too fast acting and you'll have to pin it every day.

Go with a long chained ester like test enanthate or cypionate. Even low dose of 250mg a week would do magic for recovery. Or 500mg if you want to add some considerable size and strength.


here's a study that uses varying doses of test e... the greater the dose, the larger the gains in LBM. but you can expect significant gains in strength form 300 mg/wk...