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When and How to take A/Nandrosol

I heard that when going on the Androsol/Nandrosol cycle it was best to use the Andro in the morning, and the Nansro at night. I also heard that it doesnt matter, and to mix them both into one bottle and spray accordingly. Which is the most effective? Does it even matter? Thanks

I would not mix them into the same bottle, because then the amount per square inch of each is half the design amount, and duration of action will be only about half as much also.
In other words, the morning application won’t
last until the evening one and vice versa.

Personally I would, if wanting to combine them,
do upper body with one, about 35 sprays, and lower body with the other, for the balance of 70 sprays. However, doing one in the morning and one in the evening probably gives similar gains, and certainly not radically different gains.