When and How to Adjust TRT/HCG to Conceive in 6 Months?

My wife and I are not entirely sure when we will begin trying for a child. However, it will likely be in the range of 6 months. I’m wondering if adjustments should be made now, or when we decide now is the time to conceive.

I’m currently on .80ml Test/.800IU HCG weekly. One doctor suggested to adjust now to 1.500 IU HCG (3 x 500) weekly, and drop T to .70 weekly. I’m trying to get other people’s experiences on what their providers had them successful with. Is it worth getting a sperm test to get an idea on the adjustments needed?

Thanks for all feedback.

You will be fertile easily if you add hcg to trt and were fertile before trt. I’d you aren’t easily fertile post trt or during, it’s usually because you weren’t before.

Take whatever the doc suggests and it should work bro.

Good luck.

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Interesting. Our first child was conceived immediately. This was before TRT. It was my understanding that the TRT begins lowering sperm count, but paired with the 800IU HCG, it still holds onto some of it. I believed at the time I started, that I would need to drop the TRT to conceive again. If I can stay on when we begin trying to conceive again - great!

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You can stay on it. Dont make life hard by getting off. Just take the HCG and start trying. If it doesnt work, then do some more research, but it sounds like you should be fine since you had zero problems (you or wife) with your first child.

So many men on TRT have had 1 or multiple children on TRT with HCG.

TRT simply breaks the feedback loop and your tests stop working. Adding HCG stimulates these testicles to start working again. Stopping or staying on TRT has zero effect on the testicles while on HCG.

You also dont have to modify your TRT dose. You can, but its not needed. That way you can just get off the HCG when you are done and not worry about modifying anything all over again.