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Wheels, ?, Quarters, Dimes, Nickels, and Chips


What's the slang term for a 35lb plate? This is super-important.




Sorry...how can it be super-important? lol!


we're betting for the other slot in a MMF.

honestly, i never heard of those names until just now. kind of excited


Fucking Useless


Boners, chubbies, beer dicks, softies, limps and flaccids.

Used in a sentence:

"That set was pretty light, throw another chubby on each side."






I've heard this too. I was a little confused when I was looking for another 45 the other day and this effeminate guy was telling me he had a "boner for me right here". It all makes sense now.




The other day I asked someone what they wanted on the bar, and he said "two plates, a 35, and a ten."

True story.


why wouldn'the of just asked for '3 plates'

way to go, RRJC


awkward drop sets


35's are for pussies.


No one cares about them. They're like the red headed stepchild of plates.


nah those are the 2.5s just left alone in the corner. people forget they exist


The baby bitch plate. Real men go from quarters to plates. Nuff said


Not all people. I saw person in the gym today, I think we would call her a 'woman', she used them on a standard bar and nothing else.


That was the whole point I posted...

...at least you're pretty.

Wait, what?


I have yet to see a 35 in real life. 3 different gyms. True story.