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Wheelchair Bound Girl & Track Team



Just...... wow. People are reaching new depths of stupidity on a daily basis.

PS... yes I stole this from another forum.


People take HS sports far too seriously.

I don't know what to think on the subject but my first instincts say let her race.

As long as they work it so her participation doesn't fuck it up for others she has every right in the world to go and and do it.


Actually, racing wheelchairs go far faster than runners. She'll blow the competition out of the water. Her 800 and 1600 meter times are about equal to the world record times for runners.

This is just a damned hand-out. She already competes in the Para-olympics and needs to just accept the fact that she can't "foot" race.


She's 16 fucking years old. I hope you have a crippled daughter so you can tell her she has to accept the fact she can't "foot" race like other normal kids and let go of the dream of ever running. Shitbags like yourself are the reason disabled kids grow up with the worst confidence in the world.


Ummmm..... I have a feeling you are going to feel dumb when you find out that 4est is in a wheelchair himself...


My understanding is that her times will not be counted toward records or even against the actual runners, she is being allowed to participate moreso than compete.


"She's not asking for special treatment, she's not in danger of getting hurt or hurting someone else, and she's not looking for monetary retribution - she just wants to be treated like everyone else."

But she...can't run...

Seriously, the object isn't to use any means you can to get from point A to point B; it's to USE YOUR LEGS to race other two-legged people.

What if I lost my legs in an accident and underwent some hideous transformation whereby my lower body was replaced with a motorcycle? I think I'd demand that they let me race.


Sounds to me like she just wants to be part of a team. No fun racing against yourself.


William Shatner voice





Ok, seriously, since you didn't know that I've been a para since (1985) the age of 16, I won't be a shithead to you.

Kids need encouragement to do all they can will what they have - agreed. If she is just running along the track at the same time as the kids but not allowed to get the blue ribbon, I can see that as fair to the other kids. However, what's the point? It seems a bit silly.


I didn't realize that. That is not fair to the other kids.


from article: Children with disabilities are allowed to take the same classes in school. They aren't forced to learn in separate enviornment.

from me: Children with disabliites DO take different classes. Children with mental retardation and so forth cannot take regular classes. They simply do not have the capacity to do so. Someone who can't use their legs does NOT have the capcity to run. Therefore, she should not be competing in RUNNING events.

It is that simple.


Wheelchair racing and foot racing are two different sports. Is it really that complicated?


I totally agree. The email I sent to the article writer included:

"Your logic is completely flawed. You stated, 'I just don't understand. Children with disabilities are allowed to take the same classes in school. They aren't forced to learn in separate environment.' Those with the same mental capacity are in the same classes. Those that have a lesser mental capacity are in something I'm sure you remember well, special ed. Different activities for people with different abilities."

It seems to me that the girl going around the track in a "race" that counts for nothing, will just result in a lot of pity from the onlookers. The situation focusses attention on the wheelchair and not on the kid. A lot of people seem to think things along the lines of, "oh its so nice they let that little cripple kid join in the activities". That does little to promote a positive image of those with disability.

I'd much rather see the girl compete in the para-olympics. There she would just be a jock and the fact that she is in a wheelchair means nothing.


Very sorry. I put my foot in my mouth once again.


Well, the girl in question is actually quite an accomplished athlete.


Why an accomplished athlete would need to be part of a high school foot race that does not count is beyond me.


Maybe she just wants to hang with kids from her high school. Of course she has to learn that she is different.

It will make her life easier when she faces that fact.

The fact that her times are so fast messes it up more than anything in my eyes.


I think everyone is missing the point, this girl wants to be just like everyone else, and she is 16. She is not an adult, she is a child and should be treated like the other children even though she has a disability. They would just have to judge her on a different scale or tell her she can race but cannot win.

Truth is, they are just children, and you should not exclude them, unless it causes problems for others. If in her wheelchair she can go much faster than everyone else that tell her she cannot be awarded even if she wins. She sounds like all she wants to do is take part, and i dont think it is wrong. Dont you think that maybe she is tired of always sitting on the sidelines?


Sixteen is not a child. Granted, she's not yet fully an adult, but only the most immature of 16 year olds could possibly be viewed as a child. She's only two years from an age where some young people are off getting shot at or blown up... or taking lives themselves. She's only two years off of legally shouldering every adult responsibility our society has to offer (except for drinking... who the Hell thought -that- one up?!?).

Now is the time for her to start learning adult lessons, and incorporating them into her life. Too many teens are coddled as it is. There's an entire up and coming generation who don't seem to think that the word "responsibility" applies to everyone but themselves.


Children should be treated as individuals, just like adults. It's idiotic to pretend that she's "just like everyone else" in this respect, because she is not. If you have a child with a learning disability, do you pretend he's like everyone else, or do you get help for him? If you have a gifted child, do you put him in regular classes so you can pretend he's like everyone else, or gifted classes so he can be challenged? Pretending children are like everyone else in ways that they're not does not prepare them well for the future.

Always sitting on the sidelines? She has medals from the paralympics! That's WAY bigger than any high school event.


Sitting on the sidelines? She is the 2nd fastest in the WORLD when she competes in the para-olympics. Plus, she is NOT like everyone else. She will always be different. That does not have any negative connotations though. I actually have a lot of admiration for her general attitude and athletic abilities. I just find the whole high school track team topic a bit silly.