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Wheelbarrow Experts

I’m going to start incorporating wheelbarrow strolls into my training regimen. I will do these Mondays and Fridays about 8 hours after my Leg days (Dynamic and Maximal) which also includes some back and core work. The reason I’m doing these is to 1) increase work capacity, 2) increase muscle density, and 3) increase overall core thickness. What type of weight should I start out with? I’ll be using sand bags. How long is a good time to go for? I was thinking about starting out at 10 minute walks. Any advice is welcomed. Thanks.

Using 300 lbs, ten minutes is moderatly easy, but fifteen can be hard. I do 20 now, but by 18 I loose all feeling in most of my hands, and by twenty the thumbs start to numb… a lot of fun!

I would suggest you start with a weight with 60% intensity for 5 minutes. In other words, your maximal walk time would be 8 minutes. From there you build upon in a wave-like fashion. I hope that helps. In faith, Coach Davies