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Wheel Barrel Shrug Thingie??


just out of curiosity, would there be much of a difference between deadlift, and using the wheel barrell handle lookin' shrug exercise thingie.(i think that is the technical term.)i don't know what that thing is called exactly, but like i said it looks like the handle off of a wheel barrel, with wieght at one end, you stand on a little platform, facing the wieght with palms in and shrug. it starts from very low, unless you raise the handle with plates. i know there is some difference in form, because it does not need to be stabelized and palms are faced in, but it feels pretty similar to a dead. i was repping with 700lb 5(s)x10(r), all the way down and up. it felt good, back got tight, legs felt it, so did arms and shoulder.I would not mind using that instead. would i get the same result?

fuck that was long winded, sorry.


Short answer: Nope.



for sure? long answer?


Can you perform reps with a 700 lb deadlift? Can you perform a 700 lb deadlift? If not, what makes you think that the two movements are similar?


Precisely. The deadlift is one of those exercises that has stood the test of time as a man (and woman!) maker. The only reason not to do them that I can see is in the case of injury or specific training cycles taking their place into account. Elite powerlifters often DL relatively little. However, they did build up to an impressive deadlift the conventional way.

Be like Nike. Just do it.



i can hit 575 for reps(x10) on dead.675x1. i know there is a big gap between 575 and 700, duh. i thought it might have something to do with the palms in grip.
i use the closest form to that of a dead that i can.the biggest diff. is how low i have to start with the wheel barrow thingie,(by the way nobody know's what it's really called?, i feel it allot in my hams.


avoiding injury is also a major concern of mine, which is why i would prefer the wheel barrel, if i could utilize the majority of the benefits, without as much risk. i can dl allot,(at least it's allot for me), already. why risk an injury if i am pretty satisfied, but i like the results i have gotten thus far with the dl and i don't want to give it up. i am though i may have stumbled onto some sort of middle ground. it's not a big deal, i just want to make sure i am getting answer's from reliable sources.(no offense) any of you anatomy experts know?


You deadlift that much and you have to ask this question? It might be somewhat similar to a trap-bar deadlift. As far as the machine is concerned, I dont have one in my gym so I can only speculate on it's name.



In my gym, they have one and I use it only for standing shrugs. I just call it "hammer shrug" in my records. I never thought of using it for DL's. Certainly similar initial movement, although I don't think it goes as low as a loaded barbell in conventional DL's, does it?


After two years of training, you can dead 575x10 and 675x1 at 235 lbs? Damn it, I quit. That's it. No more.


i have always been physical, football, jiu-jitsu, varios MMA. for about 4 years prior.during the last two years i decided to be a body builder. 2hrs. EVERY other day. the most i have missed is three weeks due to a back injury. i was doing the hammer strength low row, with 5 45's on each bar. i did not warm up enough. you know when your all pumped up and you just want to hit some serious iron? big mistake. i have always had a strong back, probably my best feature.


back on topic. i guess i can't get a reason not to keep trying to use the machine differently, so i am gonna keep it up. hopefully nothin will fuck up.


If that piece is made by Hammer Strength than I would say "no" to your question because it is a one-leg squat machine. You put one ankle in back of you over the round bar and push with the front leg. The movement is similar to a Bulgarian split squat except with a little more stability to to the fixed path of the handles.

All I ever see people use it for is shrugs. This never felt right to me due to the circular path. Poor machine. It is actually hard as fuck if use it for one leg squats but it makes you feel like a sissy because A) its and machine and B) it is very hard even with very little weight.


I stand corrected. Went to the Life Fitness website and although it is a Squat/Lunge machine, they say you can use it for shrugs/deadlifts.


And come to think of it, alot of strongman events i've seen use lever devices.


that's not the machine i am talking about. the handles are similar, closer together, and you face the wieght's. also it has it's own platform that you stand on. it keeps your legs shoulder width, and keeps the weight at a better angle i guess.

imagine a wheel barrel without the supports under the handle side. the handles would drop all the way to the ground. you have to go through the same motion, in general. i am gonna see if i can find a pic. i'll be back.


And I thought I'd get called out on my 640 Trap Bar DL.


I think I know the machine you are talking about. It is made by hammerstrength or similar. If so, it is not the same. The reason is that the machine is designed so that the weights work off a fulcrum, much like nautalis.

You are probably not bearing the full brunt of the weight untill you reach the the top of the concentrinsic portion of the lift. Plus, you are able to line up better to incorporate more leg drive. I don't really like machines, but this is one that doesn't bother me so much.


lol....a 700lb natural deadlift at 230 with 2 years of training?

i don't have to call bull$hit on that, its just assanine....

7-800 pound natural deadlifts do occur, the gillingham brothers are an example of this....but they are alot more than 230 and have been training for years, not to mention that they are very good athletes....

i find it hard to believe someone who can barely name or describe the exercise in his initial post can actually dead 700....you put kazmier, coan, and others to shame with these numbers by the way....