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Was wonderin if anyone else out there likes taking wheatgrass for a good mornin boost? Also if anyone knows of a place I could print out some research on it, that'd be great aswell. From everything I have read and heard, it really is some great stuff, but they warn against taking too much as it could cause the body to start detoxing(which isnt necessarily a bad thing, just doesn't make you feel top notch) which if I recall right, was somewhere around 3ish ounces of it. Thoughts?


I work at a smoothie shop that sells wheat grass(Robeks if you are familiar) and I had to learn this stuff like the back of my hand. Its looked at by some as a magic potion and I agree its a very good nutritional boost to the average person. Its chock full of vitamins and minerals and must be with fiber because youll be in for serious bathroom time if you make this a regular thing. The recommendation was 1-3 oz of pure wheatgrass a day with anything after 4 being a little much on the body. For a morning boost I think its pretty good at first but the effect wears off, and I dont notice any difference know that I eat more vegetables during the day.


hehe we were introduced to it in the same way! I used to run a little smoothie counter out the back of my shop and wheatgrass is one of the things I offered and used to take myself.

I was hopin(because I plan to try to offer JUST wheatgrass here soon instead of doin the entire smoothie thing!) that I could find some significant research done promoting it, that I could print out and give to the customers. Google = my best friend....


The people that came into get the wheatgrass were loyal loyal cutomers, hippies, but loyal customers none the less. You would need a lot of people coming in to make good change though cause that stuff is expensive even in bulk.


Yea trust me I know. From the amount of people I had respond well to it last time around, I should be OK, but being OK in business is never really OK now is it? I will say that several of the customers that I had comin in were cancer patients and all actually got better and partially attributed some of their success to the wheatgrass. Very interesting stuff. I actually got my wheatgrass from one of my customer's daughter's, and paid her for growing it non stop for me hehehe...thats not child labor is it? Hehehe


Wheatgrass is great man.Good stuff!!!