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Wheat Substitutes


Ok I really wanted to know if there are other lowcarb no-carb alternatives to wheat except milled flax-seed,it is extremely difficult to find flax-seed in here,damn even whole grain wheat is difficult to find.So guys what would you suggest?


Trader Joe's sells milled flax seed.


Buy whole flax seed online and mill it yourself in a coffee grinder.

This way you'll save $ and have fresher product.


miracle noodles, although i've only had em once, cause they're hard to find. Have to get it online I think


I'll see if i can find whole flax seeds,and WestCoast7 I live in southern Europe and flax seeds are not usually used and we dont have Trader Joe's :slight_smile: :)..


Why do you need a wheat substitute?


My thought???? whats the problem with Wheat? do you have an allergy?


Well I meant if he is trying to keep carbs up without wheat products, there are many other options. Sweet potato, yams, white potatoes, rice. Now if it is a gluten intolerance or he is trying to go paleo, that information would help out in offering solutions.


He's looking for something that can be used in recipes as a low carb alternative, maybe to make low carb version of pancakes or bread or something would be my guess as to why.

@OP Chia seeds are a good alternative to flax, however they are ~3+X more expensive. Flax is pretty cheap though and you can probably get it off the internet for not too much more than $5-10 a pound or two (they sell it in the US at places like Whole Foods for ~$1.29 a pound in bulk, just to give you some perspective on what price is fair).

They also do make a flour out of chia, that I've yet to try and just in case anyone is gluten sensitive/allergic, (most) chia flour is certified gluten free.


Just found (what I think is) a good deal on chia flour - $7.49 for a pound! http://www.nuchiafoods.com/store/ Anyone tried this? I'm sure there is a thread(s) on it elsewhere but I thought i'd put the link here just in case someone stumbles accross this

  • Quinoa (not a true grain, but you asked for substitutes) Quinoa was an Incan crop and superior source of protein to grain. High in calcium, iron, potassium and vitamins. Good as an addition to any meal from salads to deserts.

  • Kamut, an ancient grain which contains 20 to 40% more protein than wheat. Kick in more zinc and magnesium (All good stuff in my book).

  • Corn (could be a problem as virtually all corn is or has been cross polinated with genetically modified sh*t).

  • Sorghum is also one of the most ancient and is the 5th most important grain as it is a staple in Africa. Gluten free so this may be a good choice. For baking a binder such as guar or xanthan gum may be added to mimic gluten (I personally do not know much about these additives).

  • Buckwheat is not a true cereal grain and is good for those allergic to more common grains

  • Aramanth is an ancient grain

  • Barley one of the oldest and easiest to digest

  • Bulgur can be used in salads

  • Millet is one of the most ancient of grains

  • Rye has a higher gluten content which may be of issue

  • Spelt is an ancient relative to wheat, can replace wheat in recipes and pasta. Protein varies from 13% to 19% which is 30% higher than wheat

  • Teff is an important African cereal grass, protein content about 12%

  • Triticale is a hybrid of rye and wheat (engineered by scientists with all the controversy)

  • Wild rice is often mistaken as a member of the rice family, but it is actually the seed of a grass plant.

Info from the pamphlet "Whole grains in Motion"


Wheat is actually a fairly inflammatory food and is hard for most people to process and digest.