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Wheat Farina?

Love oatmeal, but is wheat farina (cream of wheat, cocoa wheats) a suitable carb source? Doesn’t seem to get much press, so I wanted the low down on it. Mr. Shugart?


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The only concern I think would be G-Index of the farina. It is rather high. I cannot give you the exact number, but dont take my word for it, look it up. Other than that, I believe most are vitamin and mineral fortified, and not bad tasting with a little fake sweetener and fake butter stuff (whatever kind you may use). Maybe some of the other smarty pants guys can help with this.

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Wasn’t farina mentioned in the “Foods That Make You Look Good Nekkid” article? I may be remembering something else, but I think it’s named as a good, but not great, carb source. But don’t hold me to that. Peace.