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Wheat Bread And Chicken

Lately I have been having two sandwiches with chicken breasts as a meal. That’s 4 pieces of bread and 3 chicken breats. This equals out to over 10 grams of fat as per the Berardi diet, but is this kind of meal ok? I can’t see how it’s not, but I may be wrong.

Wrong? That depends on your definition of wrong.

Are you cutting? Bulking? What are the parameters of your diet? Whats your insulin sensitivity like? Are you allergic to wheat? Do you mind the possible phytoestrogens in the bread? Do you mind that grains may be autoimmune mimics? Is it REAL whole wheat or is it grocery-store whole wheat?

I suppose to put it simply, context.

Haha. I’m going to be 100 percent honest in that I don’t know half of what you are talking about. I am a football player who happened upon this site and it has proved invaluable in helping me lose weight and gain muscle. I am currently bulking right now and I eat wheat bread that is 100% whole wheat. It has 1.5 grams of fat in it per serving, so 4 slices is 6 grams of fat. I have no idea if I am carb sensitive and am not sure how to get it tested (although I certainly would like to know how so I can go get that checked out). And I don’t even begin to know what the phoestrogenwhatever is, other than it probably raises estrogen :slight_smile: