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Wheat Bran


I bought some of this last night. 35 grams of fibre per 100 grams!

For breakfast today, I added 30 grams of it to my usual 120ish grams of oatmeal, 25 grams linseeds and 50 grams whey/casein blend protein powder.

I'm not at home so I can't check the packets, but I think this provides me with something in the region of 25 grams of fibre.

Plus its high in protein, good carbs and has some healthy fats.

My questions are, is there any downside to eating this amount of fibre in one sitting, or are there any dangers in any of the foods I've listed that I'm not aware of?

Only problem I can see is that it could feel like I'm shitting out breezeblocks with that much fibre passing through me...

I'll shut up now. Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers.


I do the same thing, but add about 10g of wheat bran to 40g of oatmeal. Can't say for sure but I've suffered no problems because of it.


Thanks for the reply man. I didn't think there could be anything much wrong with that breakfast, but I just wanted to post it here to see if there was something I wasn't considering. Plus I 'm pretty stoked that I've found such a handy way to shovel so much fibre into me.

If anyone is wondering about the lack of fruit and veggies, all things going according to plan I tend to have a protein shake and 2-3 pieces of fruit mid-morning, then a shitload of frozen veggies with my dinner.


HAHA 25 grams. I got hungry one afternoon and polished off 3/4 of a box of wheat bran cereal(looked like hampster food pellets). Probably took in at least 70 grams of fiber and no major asshole hemoraging when that 70 grams came back out. Sprinkle a few splenda packets on it and I think the taste is excellent. Don't worry about too much excess but don't go crazy like I did.


70 grams!!!

Alot of people I know would probably struggle to get that in a week, with their shitty diets. Props for shovelling that much into yourself in one afternoon. You must have been pretty fucking hungry!


1 afternoon? That was one sitting accompied by a Met-rx mrp and resumed normal food intake 2 hrs later.


I normally measure by volume, so I had to pull out the kitchen scale to find that your 30 grams of wheat bran is just under 1/2 cup (does that sound about right?)

Adding lots of fiber all at once to a diet containing little fiber can sometimes cause digestive problems, but with the amount of oatmeal and flaxseeds (linseeds) that you're already consuming, it shouldn't be a problem.

Wheat bran is good stuff. So is oat bran. I add both types of bran to shakes, and mix with ground turkey for meatballs.


They don't sell oat bran in Tokyo, but I often get this wheat bran per 100g:

282 cal
19g protein
3.3g fat
19g sugar [by sugar I think they mean non-fiber carb]
50g fiber [yes 50]

It's good for thickening up foods like pumpkin, oatmeal and even yogurt.


Jwillow, yeah that sounds right.

Absolutely no problems so far, so it looks like wheat bran will be a fine, ridiculously cheap addition to my diet. This should make it easy to hit about 40 grams of fibre a day.

Also, I'll have to try making meatballs some time soon. Do you throw any spices into the mix?