Wheat Bran as Fiber?

I am looking into fibre sources and have narrowed down to two potential options.

One of them is Wheatbran http://www.goodnessdirect.co.uk/cgi-local/frameset/detail/553035_Jordans_Natural_Wheat_Bran__375g.html
(45g fib/100g), the cheaper option to pure Xanthan Gum (84g fib/100g), however per 100g (118kcals) Wheatbran does contain more fat/protein that the Gum. Thus intergrating it within the base of the Velocity Diet as the fibre source would mean that other kcals would have to be displaced.

The obvious choice is the flax seed which accounts for approximately the same amount of kcals. Investigation of flax seed has informed me of its fat (Omega-3) content during the diet keeping fats relatively high is important. The portions of fat are higher with the wheatbran than flax on the 35lbs+ diet but lower on the <35lbs.

So the real question is whether wheatbran would be a viable substitution for the flax.

PS I fully appreciate this is a tweak however owing to the fact that I can’t get the required amount of Metabolic Drive in the UK without spending gold bars, the diet is exact anyway.

PPS I am also aware of fibre sure however for the required amount of fibre the price is £30/$60 alone.


195g tub of powder is like £8, 2 x 5g’s added each day means you will only need two tubs during the 6 weeks if you continue to use it during transition.

oh and just use flax.

However for a standard diet 25g of fibre a day is need which puts the required tubs at 5 = £30

I did some spreadsheet workings, for 25g of fibre a day;

Type/Xtra Kcals/Cost(£)

Whole Psyllium Husks/132/13

I would be interested in which shop found you found your flax seeds. The cheapest I found online was £4 for 250g.

EDIT It seems that Gus only took in 8g of fibre supps a day through 2 fibrechoice tablets. Although I think I am being a numbnuts, should I just be trying to supplement 10-15g of fibre instead of 25?

I found my flax seed in Bakers and Larners of Holt. It was £2.95 / 250g

The fibre sure is only to top up your fibre on top of the flax, it does not provide all your requirements

Ok, thanks