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Wheat and estrogen

Yeah, I said I’d leave. But I thought you guys might find this info really useful:


One interesting topic is the use of xenoestrogens on wheat.

Draw your own conclusions.


So what was the point of this? That we should all eat organic foods? Man, all veggies/grains that you eat nowadays that are not labeled organic are just like this. They are processed and lose biological value and valuable nutrients in the processing. The only way around this is to grow your own food.


That’s up to you how obsessive you want to get with all this.

Organic helps, and I try to eat organic as much as possible.

There are some things that would be much better organic. Any leafy vegetable would be wise to get organic, since the large surface area (especially iceberg lettuce) collects a lot of crap that it gets sprayed with. Grains would be another, given the info in the article (but soaked, sprouted, or fermented is the right way to eat them). Also, things that you eat the outter portion of wouldn’t be a bad idea.

But again, it’s up to you guys how obsessive you want to get. I just figured any info would help.