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What's Your Yearly Salary?


how much are you guys making a year and what do you do for a living


I’m a college student I work on the weekends and make probably 4k a year


:joy::joy::joy: what salary?


Enough to own and pay off a house within 10 years in pretty much everywhere else in the U.S. except where I live and NYC.


I make more than some and less than others.


SAME! (I live right outside NYC, lol)


Not enough. Something needs to change.


Around 10 000€ a year (about 11000 dollars) and I only work the weekends as a bouncer. I’m a student at the moment so no time for a full time job.


About 5.5 million pennies per year.


Huh. We do the same work for approximately the same pay. I didn’t realize…


Approximately 145 times my best deadlift.


Not nearly as much as I should! (IMHO)


Enough to afford everything I need, and most of what I want, and it feels good.

I think it’s crazy how an increase in disposable income makes your life so much easier. At my first job I was almost living paycheck to paycheck (I had only a very small disposable income). Then when I got a pay increase woth my new job, I was suddenly able to afford to save a decent amount of money and buy myself some toys. It seems like theres a fine line there.


I’m a firefighter, I make $33,000 a year. Took a good cut when I started this career but couldn’t be happier.


You also seem to have learned a lot about managing your personal finances along the way.

The importance of that can not be understated.


Don’t know about this specific case, but this is a very important point, in general. Most people figure out how to spend about as much as they earn (and more in many cases). While some people really just don’t make enough money to cover the basics, there are lots of people in the US making plenty of money that still don’t have two pennies to scrape together.


I did learn this lesson, slyzyks was right.

And thats basically what happened to me, is I learned to spend what I made. Now I blame the fact that I bought an old house that required a lot of work in various places so I was constantly telling myself I NEEDED these tools and materials.

Then when I got a pay increase, wrapped up those projects, and paid my car off, things got a lot easier. I took with me the lesson of learning to save (because I was stressed without any savings), plus the fact that I felt like I suddenly had a lot more disposable money.

Having a savings account really does reduce ones stress. It also gives me the feeling like I am really building something.


My husband and I don’t make a ton but we’ve made enough to be mortgage free before 50 plus a fair amount of investments and have zero debt. As another poster mentioned it’s about learning hows to live within your means and not accrue useless/bad debt. It’s an awesome feeling to have money in the bank and not owe money to anyone. I get a bit of a Scrooge McDuck pleasure monitoring the growth of my money :slight_smile:


Let’s just say it’s OVER 9000!!!


Before I left my job I was in the top 20% of earners in the US, now Im a grad student making roughly 2 grand a month. It sucks, Im going to havevto figure out a plan to make more cash. Im not good looking enough to be a stripper so it looks like Ill be working the glory hole