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What's Your Workout?


I just figured it'd be neat to see what we're all working on right now. What type of routine/program are you currently doing? I've always wondered how many people are on a designed program found on the site, and how many are "do it yourselfer's".

For me, my primary training goal is "consistent activity", rather than specific strength or size increases. So, the week has been looking like:

Sumo Deadlift 6x4
Jerk 6x4

Walking Power Clean 4xAbout 80 feet (clean from floor, walk 3 or 4 steps, lower bar, repeat for distance)
Full Contact Twist 4x4

Overhead Squat 8x3
Farmer's Walk 4xAbout 80 feet (the length of the driveway)

Once a week or so, it's Tabata Rock lifting instead of the "regular" workout. Either a 75-pound rock or 45-pounder.


I'm giving westside a shot now. Since I lift raw only though, it's tweaked and I use the "Casual Friday" template from elitefts.com (for raw squatters) and added "How to bench like stripper" guidelines. That's what I'm doing now and will work with it for about 6 months and see what happens!!!



a really boring program with intentions of bringing balance and stability to my shoulders and hips. it has 4 days each with a core exercise and a 2-4 aux. ex. each day:

mon db snatch + stuff
tue pullups + stuff
thu wide squat + stuff
fri bench + stuff

other than some cleans, OHS, and extra calf work, i'm not doing much else. my diet is pretty regular, and for me to lose fat, i need to up the exercise density, which does not go with this program. this sucks, as i intended to lose the gut this summer/fall. i am postponing that for 6-7 weeks until this program is done ... then it's on to some OLAD variation!!! damn i can't wait.



I'm doing a second round of Advanced German Volume training. I did my first 60 days right after the article came out and had some great results without any supplements other than food (protein shakes included). I'm doing this second session while cycling back and forth between superdrol and Alpha Male every 2 weeks. I plan to post pre & post pics and other stats if things go well.


I have been doing TBT for the past five weeks and have had some really good gains.


I've been doing Outlaw Strength and Conditioning with some additional shoulder work for the past 4 weeks, and I've been getting great results. I'm also doing Tabata squats and other high-intensity "cardio" work on off days.


Very basic hypertrophy with strength work, working on just upping the poundages.

Mon - 4 x 8 Squats
4 x 8 Bent-Over Rows
4 x 8 Bench Presses

Wed - 4 x 8 Deadlifts
4 x 8 Chin-ups
4 x 8 Military Presses

Fri - Repeat Mon

Next week is again, Monday/Wednesday/Friday, but I do the deadlift workout on Mon/Fri and the squat workout just Wed. 6 weeks after this I'll be doing sets of 8 x 4.

My plan is to do this continually until about next summer. If I get really bored, or if my poundages really increase fast, or if for some reason I feel the need to start incorporating other exercises, I'll do what fits.


Just finished a 4wks WSSB cycle along with Karate:

Mon - Lower body strength
*Main lift - ATG squat
*Supp lift - BB rev lunges
*P/Chain - Cable pull through
*Abs - Windmill

Tues - Upper body reps
*Main lift - push-ups
*Back - DB bent-over rows
*Vertical press - KB see-saw press
*Abs - Full contact twist
*GPP/finisher - x-trainer tabata

Thurs - Karate (technical training)

Fri - Upper body strength
*Main lift - Inclined press
*Back - T-bar row
*Supp lift - DB press on Swiss Ball
*Supp back lift - Face pull
*Abs - Kneeling cable crunch s/set with single-leg hyperextension
*GPP/finisher - rower tabata

Sat - Karate (self-defense & tactical training)

Sun - Karate (Open mat sparring)

So as you see, this is WSSB with the days swapped around, single-joint exercises are left off with more sets on compound exercises.

Geek boy


I'm on the Westside for Skinny Bastards. I tried messing around with my own, but it never went anywhere, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

My bench for rep is up 25 pounds in two months of regular training again, and I can finally start doing leg work again after fucking my ankle up a couple months ago. So its going unprecendently well I'd say. Defranco is the man.


I'm currently doing ABBH I. I'm on week 5 of 6. After next week I'll be taking a week off (I did AOW before this) and then will move onto ABBH II and then the Strength-Focused Mesocycle.


on a 4 day on, 1 day off program.
day 1, legs
day 2, chest
day 3, shoulders/back
day 4, arms/fun day
day 5, off
lather rinse repeat.


Renegade Training! I've modified it though. Instead of M-F, I workout M, W, F,Sa,Su. It fits my school schedule better, and I actually have time to to the workouts in their entirety.

I'm thinking of following this up (right now on week 3 of 8) with WSSB or WSSB 2.



Mon: am: back squat pm: db lunges

Tues: am: incline, decline, pullups, upright rows pm: shoulder press, close grip bench, curls

Wed: Off

Thurs: am: decline, incline, bench pull, rear delt flyes pm: overhead press, dips, reverse curls

Frid: am: Deadlift pm: front squat or lunges

Sat: same as tues (next tues will be same as this weeks thurs)

Sun: Off

I have lots of free time to spend in gym :slightly_smiling:


Have to start week on Saturday do to working hours:

Max Lower-Squat 18" or 22" box. Arch Back GM/Rack Pulls.

Max Upper-Push Press. Clean/High Pull.
Weighted Bar Dips.

On these two days I try to work-out in the early afternoon and pull the sled in the evening.

Only if feeling "frisky".
Speed Lower-Sumo DL or Bent over Row, Weighted Pull Ups

Off or if feeling "frisky" Sled pulls.

Speed Lower-16" Box Squats, Stiff Leg DL,

Speed Upper- Bench, Front Lateral, Dips.

Off-I'm dead!

Age: 53 or 54 (I'm afraid to check)
Lifting experience: 42 years
Day starts at 2:30 AM, Home from work at 5:00 PM. Try to work-out, eat and get ready for next day by 9:00 PM. Tough to get enough rest but still don't want to give up the work-outs.


Day 1 Chest and Hamstrings
Day 2 Back and Traps
Day 3 Rest
Day 4 Legs
Day 5 Shoulders
Day 6 Arms
Day 7 Rest

In the morning:
Abs, MWF (usually skip a day)
Run 30-40 min's, TuThSat, followed by calves (usually skip a day or two)

Surf and brazillian jiu-jitsu whenever


Damn, mine looks kinda weider-esque...might be time to look for something better...

Incline Bench 5x3-12
Dips 4x12-15
DB press 3x5-8

Squat 5x6-12
Leg Curl 4x12-15
Leg Press 7x6-15 (pyramid weight)
RDL 4x8-12

Hang Clean 5x5-10
Rear DB flyes 4x8-12
High Pulls or Plate raises 4x8-12

Deadlift 5x3-8
Chins 4xfailure
BB row 4x8-12

EZ bar curl 4x8-12
Skull Crushers 4x8-12
Alt. Hammer Curls 4x12
Dips 4xfailure

Just trying to get bigger right now, but I'm thinking about switching to something like west side or a similar powerlifting program as soon as I get a spotter thats worth a damn.


Whoa. That's crazy! How do you manage to survive with only 5 and a half hours of sleep? That's very admirable that you can still manage yourself in a such way.



Thank you for the reply. It was very motivating. I appreciate it.


It's back to the Waterbury Method, which I was half way into before training for a PL meet, then I realised that I won't be able to compete in said meet because I'm looking to find a better job many states away from here!

The Waterbury Method was working great for me then, and is starting to work great for me again.


I am doing a modified Westside program a friend gave me. I am on my 8th week and my raw bench is up 40 Lbs not to mention the progress I have seen on all my lifts.