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What's Your Weight & Arm Measurement?


For this thread you took out your tape measure, but when you were done measuring the relaxed pose you somehow thought that flexing your arm and then measuring that would be too big of a problem?

I don't get it... Unless you measured it like a week ago.


178@ 6'1plus
43yrs old
smaller than before, shoulder and elbow problems along with some issues in life had me miss training for well over a year. Now my goal is to get back to 185( i am a skinny ass dude naturally) and hopefully 15 inch and up from there. Good to see people are honest and not afaid to post. We are all unique


27 pounds and 2" in 6 months....great job!


Just out of curiousity, and I know this thread is old, but how many arm size threads does this site need?


hmmm you make to much sense stop it, just never occurred to me to do it flexed Lol



That answer probably made as much sense as your question. You should know that teh bicepts is the only bodypart allowed to have multiple threads?

I'm joking


HT: 6-4
WT: 233 and gaining
BF: 11%
Upper Arm: 17.25

A simple solution to your problem is not to post in arm measurement threads, old or not.


is this 1 a them rhetorical questions?


Who measures arms RELAXED?


arms 14.5
neck 15
calf 15


5’8, 185, 17.5 inch arms. Well, I have only measured my right arm. Do people normally measure both arms? I just measured the right arm. Fairly lean and I wanna stay that way, so in fact I was wondering how likely it would be that my arm size could increase without deliberately trying to gain weight. My biceps are much more developed than my triceps, so I have faith that I can get bigger arms by bringing my triceps up to speed (at long last).


Wholey thread bump


I actually like this thread bump. Let’s keep this one going for current members!

200 lbs
17" arms
bodyfat - low af


Body fat maybe low af also


242lbs, 19"


16 years old 170 pounds 15.5 arms and hieght idk if matters but 5ft 8.BF maybe 12-14 visible abs possibly 11-13.



5 foot.

Arms at biceps: 12-13ish inches. Week to week the measurement bounces back and forth. Stopped giving a damn though to be honest.


188 lbs
Bicep flexed-16.5
Calf flexed-15.5

Body fat getting lower but not af


156 lbs
Arm cold 15.25"
Arm flexed 16"
Calf 15"
Neck 16"