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What's YOUR Unemployment Rate?


Let's all move to Wyoming!



Please, don't.


Regrettably, Michigan probably stands to get a lot worse.



Oh yeah we are finally out of last place!


Why not? Less than one million people, beautiful mountains to explore, great fishing and hunting. Sounds great!!


I grew up in the 313 so my heart goes out to those poor people there. The autos had over 30 years to adapt (using the 1971 oil shock) but the arrogant companies and unions kept thinking they were untouchable. "No Japs or Krauts can beat US!!" Bad choice.

The #2 industry in Michigan is boats. That's another winner right there.


...and a lot of Bull Riding to help toughen-up your nuts!



Ohio is not looking good; it has been in the toilet since Reagan. South Dakota is calling me. Maybe next summer


100%, my wife and I both have jobs.


You are correct sir. I live in Kalamazoo, we have the second highest homeless rate in MI. I am a college student and I am terrified.

Michigan just fucking sucks. There is really nothing good about this state, except the UP, and Mackinac Island. I honestly think that they should bomb Detroit. Just do a full on, all out, carpet bombing of Detroit. Just get rid of it. It is like a giant cold sore that will never heal on the face of America. Honestly, Detroit looks like Baghdad.

As soon as I earn my degree, pffffffft........ I'm out of here.


I have a job an my UN-employment rate is 0.

The state of NH's rate is 4.1%.