What's Your Take on Multivitamins?

I haven’t been taking multivitamins for the past 6-8 months. Don’t really feel any different. It usually depends on my diet. It’s sometimes hard to get all the different veggies and meat which all got different vitamins and minerals in them. I do take an antioxidant mix like Elitepro Minerals or Hydra-Charge once a day with one serving of BCAA and L-Glutamine mixed together and drink it throughout the whole day with water. I do feel more hydrated and have slightly better muscle recovery. I also take ZMA before bed which is Zinc, Vitamin B6, and Magnesium.

What are your guys take on multivitamins? I read a lot of articles online including T-Nation with so many conflicting information. The only reason I would take a multivitamin would to be healthier and also maybe increase my performace at the gym and muscle recovery. Is it all bullshit or is there some truth to it? I think maybe the more expensive organic multivitamin would do something helpful but it’s crazy expensive for a month serving (Garden of Life etc).

I think multivitamins may help, but aren’t necessary if you eat a whole food, balanced diet. I think that vitamin D and fish oil are the two supplements that most people will benefit from. That said, I usually take a multi-vit.

I think GoL brand may be fine, but I think they are mostly fancy packaging and branding, and wouldn’t shell out that much for a multi vitamin. I use this one, which is cheaper but seems to work well for me:


Get all you need from real food. You are probably not eating enough of the right foods anyway. Most of us aren’t. There is a reason they call them supplements.
If you are worried have your blood tested and add a food or if that is impossible add a supplement or two. Good luck.

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I only have vit. D and C on my shelf.

Zinc and Vit D are the main ones people lack.

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I take a multi and ZMA.

I know there are studies point to multivitamins being not terribly useful. But, none of us eat a perfect diet 100% of the time, multi is cheap, and it might help, and certainly can’t hurt.

Maybe anecdotal, maybe placebo effect, IDK. But I definitely feel better, stronger, more virile when I’m taking ZMA regularly.

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ZMA definitely helps me too. I always get better sleep and energy the next morning after taking ZMA before bed.

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Excess vitamins can hurt. Fat soluble vitamins and minerals stay in the body for months and can be toxic. Don’t take more than 1 a day.

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I take a multi vit, glucosamine and fish oil. I never really noticed a difference in the multi but I figure it’s better to be getting that stuff than not so.

Orange triad. Just about covers mvi joint care. Vitd and zma