What's Your Take on Heavy Steroids for the First Time at 41?

M.D was saying taking test. past 40 isnt a bad idea given its in controllable dosages …which made me think if to go with test. why not go hard on them.

i know as a newbie an individual should start small,easy ,have a professional leading his journey … but other than that…what do you think?

Because your risking your health. How about taking a small amount to see how your body reacts? Have you done any research on what happens to your body when you take test?
You might also get more responses if you put this in the pharma section but i think most of the responses will be similar to mine.


It’s somewhat akin to saying “eating carbs helps me recover, so why not 1500g a day?” There’s a healthy physiological range into which your testosterone should fall; below or above seems to carry pretty heavy cardiovascular risk.

At the end of the day, it’s your call to weigh the risk vs reward. I’m not personally willing to take a health risk to add some muscle… especially post-40 when gravity appears to be having its way anyway.

As said, several papers seem to associate low testosterone with adverse cardiac outcomes. If you’re clinically low and symptomatic, it’s likely healthier to work with your HCP to get into the physiologic range.


Personally I think it depends on what lifestyle changes are being supported by the aas.

I don’t believe BB goals and dosages are healthy at any age (but I support anyone who understands the risks choosing them if they feel the rewards are worth it).

I think TRT dosages are probably healthy overall even if technically they aren’t needed in every case.

I think “optimised” dosages can also be healthy overall if they allow a lot more strength AND cardio excercise leading to a signifant fitness increase.

Things do decline over 40 and I for one was feeling that drop off. I now feel like I’m back to pre 40 levels and all signs (inc heart health and bp) support that.

Saying all that, there are still increased risks that i can’t measure ( but would be hard to say defibateky aas caused anyway e.g prostate cancer risk) - so i believe you still need to be comfortable with there being unknowns before you nake the decision.

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So the opposite of what your doctor said? Lol.

IMO age doesn’t matter; your health is what matters. Are you the healthiest fucking 41 year old on the planet? Then taking large doses of AAS MAY BE less impactful than if your health sucks. Also factor in your tolerance for risk. I don’t know about you, but I was way more risky in my 20-30’s than I am in my 40’s. I want the years ahead to count, and I want there to be a lot of them.

Good luck

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How do you define hard? Could mean a lot of things. For some, “going hard” might be taking 200 mg/wk when then have good levels at 120 mg/wk. For others, it might mean 5,000 mg/wk of total gear.

If you propose an actual protocol, your goals, and what you are willing to risk, then we can tell you if your protocol makes sense or not.

As far as weight training goes, I’d move the real drop to 60 years old. I was getting steadily stronger recovering from my autoimmune disease (48 years old) right up until I hit 60 years old. I watch Charles Bailey take up powerlifting at about 44 years old, and see him reach a 2,500lb+ total around 49 years old.

A newbie at testosterone or weight training? Or both?

For me it was late 40’s when i noticed it in particular. I think that trend would have continued, but aas has allowed me to reverse it and have a plan to continue to improve until mid 50’s and likely into my 60’s. Along with cialis it has also had a big impact on libido which again is a very satisfying change.

I understand the op’s desires. I think prob a bit early to go hard on aas, and hard should be relative to the training involved and prob still then a lot lower than he is thinking.

But as we age, its prob the question we all are asking in some way.

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Heavy steroid use for anyone who values their general long term health doesn’t make any sense to me. For what purpose? And you likely won’t be able to maintain without constantly running high dosage cycles.

Assuming your body handles T fairly well, you can cruise on a nice dosage above TRT levels, manage side effects to a reasonable level, and be fitter than 99% of the population even at a much older age than 41 if you dial in nutrition and recovery.


I agree that you can certainly extend PRs etc into your 40s and maybe 50s even with TRT. After that my older friends tell me it’s a fight to preserve what you’ve built.

Did your MD diagnose you with hypogonadism?

Testosterone used in PED dosages is unhealthy at any age. To obtain the amount for PED use is illegal.

Are you alright with those risks? Do you think being huge is worth it?

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Sounds like you have a doctor willing to provide you with medically sound versions of test. I agree with the other guy who said to see what you feel like on real TRT before deciding to try TRT+. Like any drug, you always start with a light dose to assess tolerance.