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What's Your T Dose And How Do You Feel?

Last total T was 990 two days after injecting. I don’t know my free T value. Four months ago it was 880 one day sheet injecting.

I inject 100 once per week.

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I’ve had my total t vary by about 150ng/ml at trough with no variation in in inj frequency. Free t vary by about 10 points with total t & shbg alost exacly the same,

I do 180mg/week in 3 inj, I feel pretty good most of the time.

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Currently just dropped from about 190mg weekly (eod injection using sustanon) to about 130mg.

Its hard to say exact numbers as my system is a bit lossy in that I draw sustanon into multiple syringes then swap the needle just before injecting. With it being small amounts and a few needles I lose a bit even with low volume syringes.

I’ve had to drop as my hematocrit had risen up to 0.54 and despite what some folks claim I am not convinced in long term safety of thick blood.

I sleep better and have less bloating on the lower dosage but I’m not as raring to go exercise wise and definitely ache more etc.

I can sustain 10 hours a week hard cardio on the higher dose. Only about 5 to 7 hours per week on 130mg.

Libido is higher on the higher dose. Erection quality better on the lower dose.

I’m also high SHBG.

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Yeah, lower dose almost always makes you feel “less of a man” but it’s all psychological I guess, I remember when I used to blast and not care too much about health, I was on 500mg test and then switched to 300mg test and 300mg deca and then added winstrol, switched from deca to eq and went into depression for some reason at the time I was 245lbs or 111kg at 6’1 I was strong, big and unhappy but felt alpha.

Anyway, I then decided to lower my dose and just chill and cruise on 200mg test, guess what I actually looked better to other people despite feeling like I’m not man enough anymore, I got way more positive comments about my looks on much less…

I then took even less 150mg and people still were commenting on my looks even though I thought I was losing it all lol.

Still the most important factor is how you feel actually, you did say that sex drive and energy was down, but mentally how are you feeling?

18mg Tcyp daily and T4. Total T range from 800-1200 and E2 non-sensitive has been in the higher 3/4 of range with one outlier above range (most likely due to a night of drinking a couple days before draw). Only measured free T once as my doc doesn’t pull it, was just barely over range with total T above 800. I feel good and have for a while now, once I got thyroid in a better place.

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Me telling you what and how much I take is not going to help you.

What helps is understanding how to find that dose that works.

It’s simple . Dose until symptoms resolve. Watch your labs and make sure CV and etc is getting better as needed. Give it at least 3-4 months before making knee jerk reactions.

You are doing that now, but you are making big changes. Instead make small changes.

Some guys feel great at 21 free t; others feel great at 30. Part generics. Part I don’t have any clue. Part mental.

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Thanks for the advice it’s all good and true what you are saying :slight_smile: but the thing is I’m not a typical trt guy, by this I mean I could recover but I don’t want to… I wanna be on low dose aas all the time, I know that pharma section might be better suited for me, but I’m here to ask guys who are on T only the true trt guys that have some experience under their belt on replacement therapy.

I appreciate your help and again what you said is how it should be and I understand, but the reason I’m asking other ppl, is to draw the conclusion of more is not always better you know… as a kinda young person (I’m 25) I tend to take risks more and I used to use aas non stop at one time I’m talking about cruising on ~500-600mg total plus orals here and there.

So for me it’s more of a changing my point of view and my way of doing things, if that is right word here, as you said make small changes, but I know myself and I can’t do it slow or one at the time I do it fast always with everything it just works for me. Just this time around I’m gonna use less aas to keep me happy.

Why did you make the switch from gel to pin ? I´ve been suggested gel, but I´m wondering how effective it can be…and also more costly !

My insurance at the time didn’t cover it and it was getting on my wife. Gels were great though.

You mean testim or Androgel? I suppose you are referring to what they call Bio-identical gels.
Did you feel any noticeable and steady difference or just the initial honeymoon period ?

How long did a gel tube last for you?

I used Androgel for some time and then Testim for some time. When I started TRT, I slowly started to feel like my former self. That’s it. But keep in mind I do real, that is, medicinal amounts of T. I don’t recall how long Androgel pumps last for. Are you seeing a doctor?

Hi yes, I am seeing a doctor, but I am not on Trt. Never been. I have low levels since a few years ago and I am starting to “feel it” once in a while. Trying to delay as much as I can the use of T.

I look at TRT just like you. It has a purpose and it is medication.

Curious about how long the gel tube lasts to have an Ideia of monthly costs. Injections are cheaper, but my doctor says the gel mimics our natural T production better due to very very short half life and because it is bio identical it would be less suppressive to our natural T production. A bit of modulation, Instead of replacement.
Lots of controversy here, but it’s what he defends.

Are you on injections? Better than gel?