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What's Your Supplement Stack?

Just wondering what everyone’s supplement stack is? I currently only take protein and it’s vegan because I can’t digest whey…I’ve tried so many and they don’t agree with my stomach!! I also just started taking powder carbs. I think I need something for energy and focus. What seems to work for you all? TIA

fishoil 3-4g EPA/DHA
vit d 5,000iu
curcumin 800mg

black coffee with 250mg l-tyrosine for energy.


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4000iu vitamin d
Chitosan- for my kidneys

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There are some brands that have digestive enzymes added, look into that or get enzymes separately. Plant protein is not as easily digested or used as animal sources (aside from digestive issues as your own) so typically the recommendation is that you need 1.5-2x more protein if it’s from plant sources.

Caffeine. I take caffeine pills before training, coffee would work too but I find it gives me heartburn if I lift after. Pre-workouts are typically a bunch of under-dosed and often ineffective ingredients, and it’s not unusual for them to have banned substances in them (SARMs, prohormones, amphetamines, etc) plus they are expensive. Energy drinks are alright, but again they aren’t so cheap.

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Idk your budget, but American ginseng’s amazing for energy and focus- just brew it like tea
Caveat: don’t take too much or you will get bad nosebleeds. 1-2 g(2-3 small slices) is good for most ppl

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Get your diet, sleep and training in order then worry about supplements.

Fixing those things is usually enough

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For life/ work: high strength VitD3, krill oil/quality fish oil, Superfood/quality greens supp. Possibly ZMA

For gym: creatine (Biotest’s or krealkalyn), beta alanine , big water intake. Once a week/when very tired could try a super-bro preworkout like C4 or whatever

Why do you prefer that company’s creatine and is there any difference in the monohydrate vs micronized (or whatever different versions they offer)? I’m about to buy it.

Also, which bets-alanine brand do you like?

I personally dont like monohydrate/irritates stomach and think the 2nd gen creatines are much better so if going to get mono best get a top quality one like Biotest.
I get a great boost form ethyl-ester for some reason(most people dont) but krealkalyn gets the best feedback from people I recommend it to.

beta alanine doesnt seem to vary much , I just get it from a bulk powder supplier


the protein I take is ironvegan and a very tiny scoop at 17 grams of protein so I double that. I do drink black coffee in the morning but because I train early I only drink 1 cup.

wow…really? hmmm well I don’t want to spend much…I am sure I could be rich if I didn’t spend money with all the supplements I’ve tried and didn’t like over the years:(

So I’ll sound nuts, but I’m very paranoid about my health because of a history of family illness.

  • GNC megamen multi 2x/day
  • 10,000 IU D per day with MK-7
  • 6g C/day
  • GNC Big 150 B complex 1x/day
  • reservatrol 1x/day
  • garlic pills - 4 pills a day
  • turmeric - twice a day
  • fish oil - twice a day
  • CoQ10 - 2x/day
  • full spectrum mineral caps - twice a day
  • hawthorn berry - 1x/day
  • NAC - 3x/day
  • milk thistle 2x a day
  • citrulline & arginine - pop these like skittles throughout the day on empty stomach to keep my blood pressure low
  • ZMA
  • BCAA caps - pop like skittles before every meal
  • beta alanine - take ~5g before lifting
  • muscle milk with my egg sandwich at breakfast and before bed

Now you’ll ask, “Why? Does this work?”
I don’t know for certain, I started this a couple years ago and I basically never get sick even if I’m run down from working or traveling or general stress and I actually 100% reversed fatty liver, which my doctor said was likely from the NAC/milk thistle. I eat whatever the hell I want, my blood pressure is 115/70 constantly and blood work is perfect, even cholesterol, despite eating tons of red meat, bacon, etc. So either I’m lucky as hell or it’s all doing something.

that’s way to much for me lol but I’m so happy it works for you!! I don’t get sick either. I don’t get the flu and don’t get flu shots or anything, Can’t even remember the last time I got sick and I’m 55

For energy and focus? Strong black coffee. Hard to beat.


Vitamin C
Fish Oil
Vitamin D3

For energy and focus I’d say look into Rhodiola Rosea. Biotest used to sell a formulation but last I checked it was sold out. Lots of extracts are available on amazon, just make sure you get one standardized to at least 3% rosavins and at least 1% salidroside.

Steak. Egg yolks. Wild salmon. Very few actual supplements. But D. A gda.

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The very ingredients for a surf and turf tartare

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I cook mine. Haha.

Ignore me- my tastes are strange, and admittedly disgusting sometimes :laughing: . I once hijacked a thread with my talk about eating raw chicken