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What's Your Summer Vacation?


Well it?s almost that time of the year; you know when we all pack up our things and head off to the beach for a nice vacation. Some people spend it with their family/girlfriends/boyfriends/getting drunk and partying or anything else I can?t think of. I just want to know were the T guys and girls are going to be going this summer, and if you wanna say how you going to be training feel free.......

Me I am finally going back to Croatia, Vir in Zadar, for about a month and a half. Its going to be great and i cant wait to see my old friends and family... i mean its been 2 years an i wonder how everyone has changed, I know I have.

Oh and since i wont have weights i will be doing some intense bodyweight/gymnastic training!!!


i feel like lozzer:(


huge house payment plus two kids, one in private school, plus two car payments...pretty much equals NO vacation, sad to say. :frowning:


I'm moving the hell out of central Illinois FINALLY after 2 years of hell and dealing with John Deere retardation. Moving up here was the worst mistake I've made so far in my life. PRAISE JESUS!!!!!


I'm going to take a trip to northern AZ first week of June. Then, I'm taking a trip to a 3rd world shithole for a year, courtesy of the US Gov't, bullets and grenades and fear included at no extra charge. Anyone here live in northern AZ right now? I really need to lift with someone who lifts for strength and power, and isn't a nancy-boy.


i guess life isnt all as much as i thought it would be.


Main thing is the College World Series in June. Not really a vacation since it's in my hometown, but it'll be awesome. I'm also hoping to make a trip to Minneapolis to play some poker and visit a couple of friends.


Moving from small-town TX to San Antonio. I am SICK of small-town life! It sucks.