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What's Your Resting Heart Rate?


If I’ve been running a heavy training cycle for some weeks, my heart rate will be in the mid 50s sometimes.

Now it’s about the average 70 or so.


Hey! By heavier training cycle, you mean more intense/frequent in general - more walking/swimming/sled stuff etc? Or literally heavier, in terms of weightlifting intensity etc?



Literally heavier, for powerlifting terms lol.

Sleds, swimming, tire flips, etc, all do my heart rate good as well, I’ve just noticed it’ll be rather low after high intensity/heavy days.


Ive been training for almost a decade. Mine is at low 40’s last time i got a check up from the doctor. I don’t think i have good cardio though or maybe im just chronically fatigued. Should i focus on conditioning or continue improving my aerobic capacity? I’ve read that low RPM is associated with good cardio with some exceptions. I feel like i was just born with low endurance since I’m good at high intensity intervals.

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Anyone here keep track of their resting heart rate? Just for fun, health concerns, or as an insight into training/recovery, etc?

I’ve been keeping track of it on Saturday’s now, in the morning shortly after waking up. The lowest reading I got today was 44 BPM @ 6’1" / 157 lb.

I’m petty sure the lowest recording i’ve ever had was 42 in ~2007 @ 6’1" ~145 lb, but i’d probably be happy if it dropped under 40 without long runs. Personally i’m more concerned about my recovery HR after an intense interval, sprint, etc. I follow that much more closely, ie, how long does it take my HR to drop from 150+ BPM during intense work to < 90 BPM during a rest period. Resting heart rate has always been a good indicator of fitness for me. When i’m out of shape it creeps up towards 60. When i’m in really good shape it’s in the low 40’s.


Measured differently than the above HR postings, but RHR 32 (a month or so ago):

I don’t think garmin gives you a reading if you’re in the 20’s, sooo… lmao.


eek lol. RHR of 30. It’s been crazy low lately. 50’s walking etc.


Jesus man, you are amongst the living still right? :stuck_out_tongue:


ikr. walking dead. lol!

edit: correction: running dead.



Wow thats super low, my garmin says avg of 62.


Shit. My was in 20s low 30s and talking about pacemaker/defib…what are you taking and how thin are you? You do realize that’s abnormal and dangerous right?


dno if it’s abnormal or dangerous. could be. maybe not though. I’ve seen instances where people get wrecked from low HR’s, and others who are fine. Maybe it’s a coin flip. Maybe it’s how one achieves it. No idea though. All I know is if i’m eating healthy, drinking plenty of fluids, and running alot, adaptations like this are likely.

Abnormal doesn’t necessarily imply dangerous tho. Definitely abnormal. But improving athleticism considerably tends to shift one from normal to abnormal.

I’m 141 lb (and dropping) @ 6’1, so pretty light and lean. My heart definitely doesn’t have to work too hard to pump my RBC’s around.

I’m taking 2 hours of running a day, basically.

What “were you taking”?

Thanks for the feedback!


edit: FWIW, I don’t want to see these numbers every day. If it becomes chronically low (always <= 30 instead of 38-45), perhaps i’d back off for a bit until it rises back up.



Yea I don’t think my garmin would register sub30. I think it just shows “–” at that point. Going to look it up.

edit: Someone on a forum:

yup. lol. I think mine does that as well.


95 is too low


I turned off the RHR feature on my watch. RHR is cool but just got tired of thinking about it.


Mines over 9000, jk it’s currently 61. If I drink too excess (which is quite rare for me) though it gets very high, my body doesn’t like alcohol.


Around 105 is normal for me.