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What's Your Religion and Why?


Trial and error. If you look at the early philosophers they were trying to figure it out. Then came Plato who is the God father and Aristotle who made quantum leaps in understanding logic and reason.


I am just asking if you would have a problem with Christians if there were no hypocritical dicks…


Trial and error answers how, not where.


I don’t have a problem with Christians. If someone chooses to betray his god that’s between him and his god.


Early philosophers like Zeno and Pythagoras where trying to understand how logic and reason worked. And they came up with some crazy shit. He thought everything was mathematics an created like a pseudo religion around math, thinking that everything was math and math was everything.
Now, he wasn’t a as crazy as he seemed as science is described by mathematics. But the murderous cult thing was a little batshit.
Plato was revolutionary in early philosophy his most famous being the discovery of ‘Forms’. Meaning that behind every object was a perfect form or model of that object by which is compared the physical object in it’s imperfection, but close enough to be called what it is.
So in Plato’s world, if you think of a chair, that concept of the chair is perfect, while an actual chair may not be, but shares enough traits to slide into the category of chairs.
If this sounds familiar, it’s because it was the foundation of the duality of matter which was expounded and corrected by later philosophers\ famous dead people.

Aristotle discovered modern logic. Now while much of what he though was true, wasn’t in fact true, his discovery of objective and subjective logic and the rules of logic, like the “Law of non-contradiction” is still true, even if his application was not entirely accurate.
In other words, even though he couldn’t describe the world, he discovered the tools by which others would discover truths about the world.

The important thing is that it was discovered, not made up. So you cannot change the rules to suit your needs. The rules are fixed.


In Greece… :wink:


Are our brains designed to think logically? When Aristotle “discovered” logic did he discover something within our brains, a way our brains function, or did he discover it outside of the brain?


Does that mean the ancient Chinese, Indians, Sumerians, Persians, Egyptians, etc., did not think logically?


This encapsulates, poignantly and beautifully, my faith. I have remarked on other threads that Jesus has been kidnapped, and Christianity co-opted, by right-wing conservatives; these faith leaders are spearheading the hostage-rescue effort. The march and vigil are tonight at 7.


Christian. I go to a non-denominational church. It’s the faith that resonates within me. Not anything I can say or do or prove by my own…humanness lol.