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What's Your Religion and Why?


What’s your religion and why?

I’m a Christian myself for a lot of reasons. I’ve experienced a few miracles in my life.


What could possibly go wrong with this thread.


Nothing, we are all perfectly reasonable grown ups…

EDIT: Forgot: /sarcasm


I am proudly Roman Catholic and because Christ…


I’m game.

I’m an atheist because -insert controversial reason here-


For some reason, I knew that. Meaning nothing either positive or negative by it, just something tipped me off that you were atheist but not necessarily thrilled with or at least somewhat tired of the ‘New Atheist’ movement. I sensed a reasonableness about you, a less emotional slant, not present in the more vocal movement.


So why are you an atheist?


Atheist for the sole reason of the Mentally Ill challenging free will.


Can you explain yourself please? I don’t quite understand your reason.


Like most atheists, I’d imagine a whole slew of reasons.

If you’re looking for an origin, it was 100% catholic school. I was raised catholic and my entire family is catholic. Back when I “came out” (for lack of a better word) my grandma went as far as to write me out of her will.


If someone is so mentally they can’t control their own actions or decide something for themselves they don’t have free will. God gives you free will as most would agree upon, yet no free will for the mentally ill. Can’t justify this with a omnipotent omnibenevolent God.


Damn. lol

I just want you to know, though, that you can still be a Christian without being a part of any church. Christianity is about a relationship with God, not public rituals…

Do you mind if I give a shot to reconvert you to Christianity? lol


TBH Protestants are probably my favorite sect of Christianity for that reason alone.

(don’t take offense at this) Many people I’ve personally loved and respected as people have tried, and not one of them has ever come close. I don’t think you stand a chance.


So because determinism and the problem of evil? The latter I understand more than the former.
I think people confuse what freewill is. A lot of arguments against freewill is that there are so many circumstances that cannot be chosen, that it’s not a far extension to say that none are. But I don’t think that’s right.
We cannot function in a world believing deterministic systems for all conscious creatures. It makes more than most of our actions pointless. Any act of convincing would imply the person you are trying to convince has freewill, or at least you do. It makes us all walking contradictions. It invalidates morality. The down stream effects of removing freewill are not sustainable, in terms of existence.


I am sorry that happened to you. That was not a very “Christian” thing for her to do…


Atheist. I don’t believe in the supernatural.

I suppose you could call me a cultural Christian. Once you get past the supernatural stuff, I’m mostly on the same values page.


I agree that you deserve to be left alone. My only request for you would be to always seek the truth and follow the evidence where it leads, even if you don’t like where it leads. Do this, I think you will be fine. You will end up where you belong.
People hounding you will only delay your own journey.
I to have to do this, we all do and should.
We should not fall in to rabbit holes and fester, but always grow. Seek truth, not agenda, plight, might or right…


I’d call you a Jeffersonian Christian…


Episcopalian of the liberal, angst-y (think Paul Tillich; John AT Robinson; Dietrich Bonhoeffer) sort.


Agnostic leaning away from believing in the supernatural/omnipotent stuff, for the most part it serves a good purpose with getting a group of people on the same page for values and keeping folks in line.