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Whats Your Relationship With Food?


personally I have a love/hate relationship with food in my life. I Love love love to eat, but then i look in the mirror and see my abs disappear and physiologically it just wrecks me.

I have also been a serious binge eater in the past and that sometimes catches up with me during high times of stress or other emotional events. Currently I find myself in a stranglehold between desire to lean out yet i find i keep "falling off the wagon" per se diet wise. What are yalls' thoughts?


I eat it. I'm the dominant member of the food chain, thats about it. Take that fucking sweet potatoes.


i eat very clean. damn near 100% of the time too. Just very large quantities. a pound of bison here...half a jar of natty PB there...oatmeal, oatmeal, oatmeal, egg whites, egg whites, whole eggs.... you get the idea.


Yeah, I get what you mean. I went on a short cutting phase of like 8 weeks, it reminded me just how much I like eating.


For some reason, I have very bland tastes. I eat a lot of clean food but with little seasoning. I can vary my calories by 1000 from day to day, and I won't notice the difference (hunger wise).

IDK, but food = fuel for me. I enjoy if I really focus on it, but otherwise, I sit, eat as fast as possible (think about eating 7-8x a day and how long it would take if I sat down for a 1/2 hr each time), and get on with my life.

I'm sure you hate me now :slightly_smiling:



Wait, what?

I love food.


shouldn't this be posted in the muscle with attitude...

It sounds like a chick question...




you would be surprised how many guys have psychological issues with food and body image in this sport.

but on the up side, my love for food has helped fuel my body to my current size (235@ 13-14%). gonna start cutting again now as i would like to maintain single digit bodyfat year round.


I think it's safe to say we all like food.


I see food as a tool...except on the weekends...then I have a bit more fun with it.


I agree. It seems most bodybuilders have the mental aspects of eating disorders, but they have gone about it in a more intelligent way than simply starving themselves.


For me food is something to do every 2-3 hours lol. But really, I don't think I could EVER go back to 3 squares...


do you guys ever beat yourself up mentally when you eat "cheat" or "bad" foods? This is more towards when maintaining a lean body or in the mist of dieting down BF.


I love eating big. I used to be a FFB so I'm a calorie freak. I go to bed with happy thoughts because I know what all my meals cost calorie wise. I still eat close to 3500-4000kcals per day mind you but its the quality of the calories, homes. I take a long ass time ordering from restaurants and manipulate the meal to meet my criteria. My relationship with food is a mixed one: its love and hate.


Relationship? We're just 'friends' -lol

I think everyone loves to eat, especially all the crap that we know will kill our physiques. I think that's one of the reasons we can be proud of our builds. It's not jus the time in the gym, but the mental battles everyday that we fight.



I'm currently cutting, and I had a cheat meal last night, which I don't feel guilty about at all. If you can't handle a nutritional fuck-up every once in a while, then you have a serious problem with food. Learning to 'cheat', and not only continue your healhful diet the next meal, but not feel bad about it, is important for anyone who thinks they have emotional eating problems.

I don't plan cheat meals, exactly, but every couple weeks, if I am particularly hungry, have a craving, and nothing better to do, I might have one. If anything, it helps me mentally, probably physically, and definitely pushes me just a bit harder for the next few workouts. Like I said, it's about learning that the occaisonal cheat isn't a bad thing, and how not to feel as if you've failed by doing it. If you feel like a failure, then you are.


I eat everything. I love food, food is life.

Man, two more months and I can finish this dieting crap. I hate life at the moment.


But you'll keep gracing us with those avatars, right?


man, i totally agree with you. if you cant handle a little screw up now and then, then somethings definitely wrong. thats just not right. you've heard the saying, "eat to live, not live to eat". If only ppl would do that. you see, this is the problem i have with the sport of bodybuilding. ppl over think everything.

i believe that Robert Dos Remedios said in his interview with Alwyn Cosgrove that he has athletes living off of noodles and cool aid, and still manage to become stronger and leaner. counting every itty bitty calorie and macronutrient ratios is not the way we were designed or meant to live. great bodybuilders of old times past didnt do it, yet they were succesful. and thats something we all have to learn from.